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Beauty supply stores selling wigs in Warsaw?

Zloty 6 | 16
6 May 2014 #1
Hey Everyone!

Anyone know how I would search for beauty supply stores in Warsaw? I tried "wig" or "peruka" in Google maps and came up with limited results. I assume that a city this big would have beauty supply stores with wide selection of wigs, which is what I want to find. Or maybe someone can tell me a certain district or the name that these stores might share in common?

Thanks! :)
MarekBooks - | 5
6 May 2014 #2
try this one
Dont gag me yo 7 | 156
7 May 2014 #3
i saw lots of stores/kiosks selling in heenka market by nadazarin a indoor flea market in my opinioncouples of miles outside warsaw
cjj - | 281
7 May 2014 #4
You could try hairdressers also.
The harder shops to find are the ones supplying wigs for NFZ patients - but even they are common enough if you google peruki nfz warszawa on the . pl site.


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