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Polish Attitudes toward America

Lyzko 17 | 4,546    
10 Sep 2017  #31
Why? Why oughtn't Poles rightfully criticize the US? Is that not freedom of expression??
Crow 142 | 6,815    
10 Sep 2017  #32
Why? Its useless cry
NoToForeigners 6 | 947    
10 Sep 2017  #33
Political Correctness is a Weapon of Mass Destruction invented in The West and used by The Westerners against themselves.

Political Correctness is a Weapon of Mass Destruction invented in The West and used by The Western minorities (such as homos, blacks and feminists and other ill people) against the democratic majority. Terrorists just Laugh Their Asses Off.

from Wiki|: "Democracy is sometimes referred to as "rule of the majority".[2]

Homos like jon try to change that into the "rule of minority"

NoToForeigners 6 | 947    
10 Sep 2017  #34
It's minorities such as faggots, leftards, other racials who cry over democracy
jon357 66 | 13,335    
10 Sep 2017  #35
I imagine such attifudes of disdain for the the rest of the world were also common in other empires just as they started to deca

The Americans are even admitting this themselves now. Their policymakers are talking about how to survive in what the US is calling a 'post-hegemony world'.
Lyzko 17 | 4,546    
11 Sep 2017  #36
It's thinking beings who are willing despite all odds to affirm their humanity rather than their animal origins who "cry over democracy", as you so cynically put it!!

Face facts; since the onset of the Reagan Era at the start of the '80's, neither the US nor the rest of our planet has been better off for peanuts. Reagan merely sealed the coffin in which America was buried, adding the final nail already begun with the end of suburbia, the putrid post-'60's drug culture (led by the wonderful "Dr." Leary -may we all be leary of such people), and not too much later, the EST (Erhard Seminar Training) fiasco precipitating the end of the New Deal Era, flaunting that marvellous slogan "I'm okay. If you're not, that's YOUR problem!" along with further toxic phases.

Trump's pushed the clock back 'till before the 1930's, when unemployment didn't exist, people got rich quick or starved on their own time, and abortion was THE dirty word.

Shame on America for voting for Trump. Well, maybe the awful stuff weatherwise affecting millions in those red states down south who voted him into office is some sort of divine comeupance for their heedless arrogance, terrible thought as it is to utter. Perhaps Irma will humble those who stood so proudly in the wrong direction and from this, some wil finally gain wisdom.

I believe Poles have been sold a phony bill of goods concerning Mr. Trump and sooner rather than later, will realize the error of their ways:-)

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