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Alcohol problems of Polish people

Seanus 15 | 19,674
15 Apr 2008 #61
I did but she started crying ;)
F15guy 1 | 160
15 Apr 2008 #62
According to the UN WHO study Poland ranks 26th in consumption of alcohol. Don't think they're the worst in terms of alcoholics.

Rank Liters/Year Country
1 15.6 Luxembourg
2 13.7 Ireland
3 13.6 Hungary
4 13.2 Moldova, Rep
5 13.0 Czech Rep
6 12.3 Croatia
7 12.0 Germany
8 11.8 United Kingdom
9 11.7 Denmark
10 11.7 Spain
11 11.5 Portugal
12 11.4 France
13 11.1 Austria
14 10.8 Switzerland
15 10.6 Belgium
16 10.4 Slovakia
17 10.3 Russian Federation
18 9.9 Lithuania
19 9.7 Netherlands
20 9.7 Romania
21 9.6 Latvia
22 9.3 Finland
23 9.0 Bosnia and Herzegovina
24 9.0 Greece
25 8.6 Serbia and Montenegro
26 8.1 Poland
27 8.0 Italy
28 7.8 Estonia
29 7.0 Iceland
30 6.7 Slovenia
31 6.1 Ukraine
32 6.0 Malta
33 6.0 Sweden
34 5.9 Bulgaria
35 5.7 Macedonia, FYR
36 5.5 Belarus
37 5.5 Norway
38 4.4 Faeroe Islands
39 2.0 Albania
tornado2007 11 | 2,270
15 Apr 2008 #63
you can bend stats to suit your liking, governments do it all the time :) so that counts for jack :)
Seanus 15 | 19,674
15 Apr 2008 #64
They mistakenly put Poland in the wrong list. The 8.1 figure was supposed to be for the first quarter, LOL
Dzhaklin 3 | 166
15 Apr 2008 #65
I don't think we drink more maybe we just have lower tolerance to certain alcohols?? Like I can drink a whole lot of wodka and be just fine .
tornado2007 11 | 2,270
15 Apr 2008 #66
or maybe its just that a lot of the drinking goes un reported :) or maybe the figures for Poland was just for the under 18's instead of over :) ok i'm just pulling your leg now :):):)
Seanus 15 | 19,674
15 Apr 2008 #67
Hey, the stuff u drink from a tap isn't vodka Dzhaklin, I think u confused it with water ;)
Katebe - | 1
30 Jul 2008 #68
Hello! My name is Kasia and i have join to this forum because i have problem with my bruther. He is alcoholic and i dont know how to help him. He lost his job in Poland and he came to me to Englend. I was thinking that it can help him but every day is worse. I dont know what to do.

Is any AA club in inglend that i can join him to? But he doesnt speak english so it can be problem.
MrBubbles 10 | 613
30 Jul 2008 #69
Is any AA club in inglend that i can join him to? But he doesnt speak english so it can be problem.

Sorry to hear it Kate. Apparently the AA has a Polish support group in Edinburgh - not much help if you're not in the area though. Best to get in touch with them and ask them yourself - I think their helpline number is 0845 76 97 555. PM if you have any trouble
31 Jul 2008 #70
It smth new to me. Poles drink less than Americans.
Svenski 1 | 159
31 Jul 2008 #71
Poles drink less than Americans

I think that calls for a toast! Bottoms up!
Dice 15 | 452
31 Jul 2008 #72
I'll drink to that!
31 Jul 2008 #73
I was on vacation in Poland 4 years ago. It would be 7 or 8 in the morning and there would already be men sitting outside the little store in the village drinking beers and this was happening every day.
Prince 15 | 590
26 Nov 2008 #74
Poles are not the biggest alcoholics in Europe. Among the 25 European Union countries deal in terms of alcohol consumption in fourth place. But beware: the end! We drink less and less. Also gaining popularity in the fashion sobriety .

Annual consumption of alcohol on one Pole in terms of pure ethanol is 6.7 liters . It seems that a lot , but it is 3/4 of what they drink Europeans .

Less than drinking only Poland , Sweden , Malta and Bulgaria. Thus overthrown is another myth - of eternally drunken Pole and a lot of drinking Swede .

" This fall we owe expanding fashion for being sober . Poles are now much more opportunities than a dozen years ago. They see that alcohol interferes with the attainment of the objectives " - tells us, former Vice President of the State Agency for Solving Alcohol Problems Boguslaw Prajsner .

Even in the early 90s the average Pole drank nearly 9 liters of pure alcohol per year . For several years , however, drink less and change to us - what is important - taste . Instead of vodka often reach for a beer and wine. The 6.7 liters of alcohol drunk by us come with 4 liters of beer , 1.5 out of wine , and spirits just 1.2 liters.

New report only 3 nations in europe drink less than Poles (Sweden, Bulgaria and Malta)

Good true Vikings don't need such stimulator ;). Averge Pole drinks 75% of EU average.

Being teetotaller is more and more fashionable in our country.

In my imagination I see Polish Calvins in 1600's :)
wildrover 98 | 4,441
27 Nov 2008 #75
It would be 7 or 8 in the morning

True , most days when i called at the local shop before work at 6am to get some breakfast there would be guys buying , and drinking beer before setting off to work....I am not sure Poles are worse than any other nation , but it seems more acceptable in Poland....
bolek 6 | 330
28 Nov 2008 #76
I was on vacation in Poland 4 years ago. It would be 7 or 8 in the morning and there would already be men sitting outside the little store in the village drinking beers and this was happening every day.

That is common in England too, poles like homebrew and cheap wine.
Prince 15 | 590
30 Nov 2008 #77
From article I've posted.

"Tylko 14 proc. badanych dorosłych Polaków, którzy pili alkohol w ciągu ostatnich 30 dni, robiło to częściej niż jeden raz w tygodniu. Przeciętny odsetek dla 25 krajów UE wynosił w tym przypadku 44 proc."

Only 14% of mature Poles have been drinking alcohol in last 30 days. Average fro EU is 44%.

"Jeszcze na początku lat 90. statystyczny Polak wypijał prawie 9 litrów czystego alkoholu rocznie. Od kilkunastu lat pijemy jednak coraz mniej i zmieniają nam się - co ważne - upodobania. Zamiast wódki sięgamy częściej po piwo i wino. W 6,7 litra pitego przez nas alkoholu 4 litry pochodzą z piwa, 1,5 z wina, a z wódki zaledwie 1,2 litra.

Consumption per capita decreased from 9 liters of pure alcohol on person (begining of 90's) to 6,7 liers per person. That gives us such a good place in europe. 4 liters come from beer, 1,5 from wine, from wódka - 1,2 liters.

Progress is noticable.

Continuing ths raport:

"Changing the model of drinking relates primarily to the young and the very young , who departed from the issue of drinking habits and customs of their parents generation " - notes Prajsner . This is confirmed by the results of the World Health Organization , which show that Poland 15 -year-old youth drink much less than young people in most EU countries.

Poles drink less frequently . Only 14 per cent . Polish adults surveyed who drank alcohol in the past 30 days, did it more often than once a week. The average percentage for the 25 EU countries was in this case 44 percent.

Chanage of customs is especialy noticable when we look on young Poles. 15 year old Poles drink much less than teens in other european countries.

It is new tendention . More money, more opportunities ... we have results.
Patrycja18 - | 1
2 Jan 2010 #79
Lets be serious here. Its not only the Polish that drink alot. I was born in Poland, and i was raised there, my entire family is there, and not one of them drinks alot, maybe a shot or two at a party and thats it. Its just a stupid stereotype that people put on us.
clerynka - | 45
4 Jan 2010 #80
Zubrowka is great. :)

It is :)

My friend registered with a doctor in england recently and the questionaire he had to fill out asked him how much alcohol he drank a week. He just giggled and circled none. I know he drinks beer as soon as he finishes work (he is a baker, so this is generally 4 in the morning) because he says it helps him " sleep better ". Lol.

To be fair it is only one.

But come the weekend, 1 beer turns into about 1 litre of vodka. And a hangover the next day? You've got to be joking.

But as many of you have said previously, they're no worse than any other country. Lets not be too hard on them ;)
elkrupski 3 | 15
13 Jan 2010 #81
I would really say that Polish people love to drink-well most of them(many of you are probably thinking"no s*it") But does anyone here have family who have problems with alcohol?
I certainley do, my family. 2 of my uncles died of alcohol. Its the polish and the Irish who haves drinking problems-i think.

My dad was a severe alcoholic since I was born, He died from it in 2008. Probably the worst drunk there is. My uncle Polock drank his whole life and finally his heart gave out. My aunt and uncle both struggle this day with alcohol. My Grandpa Ski was a mean drinker and I think my grandma was too.....The krupski side of my family has always been associated with severe alcoholism, known well in the little bars in our community. I have to watch myself too.

But is it because they have Polish blood? No. Every nation has it's drunks.
Even the animal kingdom has it's drunk :
DomPolski 7 | 33
15 Jan 2010 #82
I think all slavs as a whole have a lot of alcohol related problems in the culture. Almost everyone in my family is alkaholik.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
26 Apr 2010 #83
As far as alcohol consumption goes, according to the Wall Street Journal, the average for European countries puts Poland somewhere in the middle.

Noway has the lowest per capita consumption followed by Sweden while Ireland has the highest. Poland and Germany are tied and are just slightly above the average. Even Denmark and Hungary have higher average alcohol consumption rates than Poland.
jonni 16 | 2,482
26 Apr 2010 #84
the average for European countries puts Poland somewhere in the middle.

If it averages out, then yes. There seem to be more extremes here than in most places. A lot of teetotal people and plenty who consume a huge amount as a matter of course.
pgtx 29 | 3,146
29 Sep 2010 #85
never try this:
Pint of Vodka in 4 Seconds:
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,004
29 Sep 2010 #86
never try this:

auch lass, been there, done that while conversing on this forum as well :D:D:D
pawian 222 | 23,674
29 Sep 2010 #87
I drink every day but I fully control it. I can stop whenever I want, but for the time being I don`t want to stop because it isn`t a problem.
McCoy 27 | 1,269
29 Sep 2010 #88
Alcohol problems of Polish people

price is the main problem.
nallekarhu - | 2
29 Sep 2010 #89
We have also huge alcohol problem in Finland....between 03:30 A.M. and 09:00 A.M. you can get it anywhere if you don't have it at home.

In 1 month I'm moving to Poland and at the same time I get rid of my alcohol problem ;)
wildrover 98 | 4,441
29 Sep 2010 #90
never try this:

I have seen a Russian do it....but i think he was well used to such quantities....

If you are not..its very dangerous...

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