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Advice needed - being spammed by Orange

mactifosi 1 | 11
22 May 2012 #1
When I renewed my contract with Orange it was on the condition that they would not call me with promotional offers.
I insisted and they promised that I was marked in the database not to be spammed.

Despite this they constantly call me with offers I do not want.
I have complained several times and made written requests to be taken off their telemarketing lists.

They have confirmed on several occasions that I have been removed from their lists.

I get some peace for a few weeks after each complaint and then the harassment starts again.

For example when I was holidays:
They rang me every single morning about 8-9 am.

Recently they rang me for almost 30 days in a row.

Now it looks like they have sold my number to PiS and I am getting spam messages from PiS.

And the best, my wife cancelled her contract with Orange and moved to T-mobile, yet still gets spammed by Orange.

Can anyone tell me where I should complain too?
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,442
22 May 2012 #2
change the phone number.
OP mactifosi 1 | 11
22 May 2012 #3
A well meaning suggestion but ....
I should not have to change my number because they behave inappropriately.

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