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Advice on Moving to Zakopane

frd 7 | 1,399
1 Feb 2015  #31
I'd go with Bielsko Biala very nice city, slightly bigger, quite picturesque, more job possibilities less touristy
1 Feb 2015  #32
The first problem is that the OP very simply won't get a job in Zakopane without speaking Polish (and whatever jobs he would be able top do there even if he spoke Polish wouldn't pay a living wage). The second is that his American friend can't be in Poland for more than 90 days without a residency permit, which he won't be able to get.
22 Aug 2018  #33
Do not assume people will be able to speak to you in English. You should know how to communicate - even if it is only basic communication - in polish if you want to live here for an extended period of time.
Rich Mazur 4 | 2,469
22 Aug 2018  #34
The fact that the OP came here for the advice of that kind is both telling and troubling as it shows hesitation and uncertainty. I left Poland, my family, and my job with 14 bucks and what I was wearing knowing it was irreversibly forever. Luckily, I had no choice or a forum like this. And nobody to great me at O'Hare. Moving from the UK to Poland at 31 today is like moving from the US to Poland in 1966. And, on top of that, to Zakopane. With no savings, no job, and no good reason. A very bad idea.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,416
22 Aug 2018  #35
is both telling and troubling

Hmm responding to 3 year old posts is a concern I must agree.

Always a good idea to learn some Polish if moving here,
Rich Mazur 4 | 2,469
22 Aug 2018  #36
I was not responding to anything.
4 Dec 2018  #37
So Op, did you move in the end ? How did things work out ? Please do tell...

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