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Have Polish address - need postal code

1 Oct 2013 #1
I recently visited my polish girlfriend. I stayed at her place for awhile but never thought of asking for her postal code. I would like to send her a card for her birthday later this month but don't want to ask her or she'll expect something and it won't be a surprise. Any help?
1 Oct 2013 #2
Any help?

Just google her street name and the name of her city, Polish post codes are pretty big.
OP viacan
1 Oct 2013 #3
Got that. I can find it on google maps but it doesn't show the postal code :/
1 Oct 2013 #4
Not google maps, google web search. There is almost certain to be somebody running a small business or something on her street and from their info you can find the postal code (hers is very likely to be the same).
normalnyfacet - | 31
1 Oct 2013 #5
use google search add the phrase "kod pocztowy" after the address and you should find it
OP viacan
1 Oct 2013 #6
Got it. Thank you!!

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