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Polish Visa Questions from an American Student

Hubertus 4 | 26
14 Jul 2013 #1
Hello everyone, I am an American college student who has been accepted to the University of Wrocław to study for the upcoming fall/winter semester by an agreement with my home university here in the USA. I've been reading on the internet about what steps I need to take to obtain a visa, but it's been a bit confusing. Can anyone tell me where to get started or offer any advice?

Some additional details:

I was hoping to leave August 31st so that I can stay with a friend for a week and take a crash course in Polish offered by the university (regular classes start on October 1st), but I haven't bought a plane ticket yet. I would be coming back some time in February, but I wanted to only buy a one-way ticket there so that I can worry about the details of my return trip later (say I got a job there or something and wanted to stay longer..? It's my last semester).

I know I'm cutting it close because August 31st is soon.. I meant to do it earlier but got caught up with negotiations with the universities. But is it still possible to obtain a visa or do I need to plan on going later in September? And do I need to have a round trip plane ticket before I can get one?

Thank you very much for any responses!

Hmm.. I've been reading more about it and it sounds like I might not have to apply for a visa: since I am from the US I can stay in Poland for 90 days without a visa, and while I am there I can apply for a residence permit to stay the rest of the ~6 month period. Does anyone know if this is correct and where I might find a reliable source that confirms this?
Bieganski 17 | 890
14 Jul 2013 #2
If your school has such an agreement then shouldn't there be advisors on your campus who are responsible for this program and could give you all the information you need before you leave?

The American Embassy in Warsaw directs it citizens who have questions about traveling and living in Poland to the Polish Embassy in Washington DC.

Their respective links are here:

and here:
10 Mar 2016 #3
Merged: American seeking Student Visa

Hi all!

I've determined what universities I intend to apply to and have the majority of required application materials all ready to go, with the exception of the Student VISA application documents.

I feel like I could just be missing it, but I'm having trouble finding:
A) what is determined to be "sufficient funds," and
B) where on earth can one download a copy of the application form?

Any help on this would be appreciated!

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