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Trying to obtain Polish Citizenship/Passport by Grandfather

Witold_Pilecki 1 | 3
9 Oct 2017 #1
I have been on this topic for about 2 years or less of my life, I wish to ask is this really possible and I am asking were could I possibly find any documents to help show that I am the my grandfather's grandchild. I tried to contact the Poland's embassy/consulate. They just told me the requirements to become a Polish Citizen which is this Visa stuff which is making me angry.

I have a Passport, My father doesn't nor wishes to get one but. My father is the 2nd and his dad is who was born in Warsaw Poland it may say it on his birth certificate that his father was born in Warsaw or just Poland. I don't know how to get these documents or what to do about this. I am a American.

I don't know too much about my grandfather because he doesn't want to interact with me.. I looked up these documents online and I have a death certificate that shows my great grandmother died as a Polish Citizen event that they came here in 1950. She died in 1961 a few months before Kennedy was killed.

So.. She never became a US Citizen.

I don't know what else to do. I have googled stuff and google isn't your friend lol!

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Tlum 12 | 167
18 Oct 2017 #2
From what year is the passport? There's a chance it might be archived somewhere in a Polish government office.
OP Witold_Pilecki 1 | 3
21 Oct 2017 #3
I have no idea but I am assuming around before they left in 1950,

I have another theory,

I have no idea if my grandfather renounced his Citizenship or lost it but I know its hard because of Citizenship act in 1960?

But he was married in the USA I don't know when but he did get married but he had my dad, so my theory is is there a possible way for my dad to claim citizenship of Polska my thing is I don't think he knows he could claim in but that being said since I am 2nd Generation because my father is first who was born in the USA but if I can get my fathers birth certificate, because he was born in the State of Pennsylvania and it would say if the parent was born where else other then the if not in the USA(as shown in the photo). Now, My great grandmother died in 1963 she never become a US Citizen so on the Death record it said Citizen/Born Poland. but her Husband my grandfathers dad did I don't think it broke the chain. but my father is the 2nd and his dad who was born in Poland is the 1st.

Now I have passport numbers and a Birth Certificate number. I have no idea if this will help me in anyway shape or form

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terri 1 | 1,663
21 Oct 2017 #4
There is another way you could try. If you knew the place name of your grandfathers or grandmothers - you could try and get their birth certificate and then show a clear connection between the grandfather, your father and you.
terri 1 | 1,663
24 Oct 2017 #6
You have to get in touch with Urzad Stanu Cywilnego in Warsaw, give them all the details that you have and they may be able to tell you what to do next.
OP Witold_Pilecki 1 | 3
24 Oct 2017 #7
Their website is in Polish, this should be fun.
17 Dec 2018 #8
I am trying to become a polish citizen through my grandfather. I was told by polish lawyer that I need his (my grandfather's passport). I sent them a copy which is all I have right now. They say they need the original. Is there a way to get from the consular some original copy of the passport. We are currently still looking for the original but it has not shown up yet.
17 Dec 2018 #9
This post is from 2017.

There are a lot of law offices that can assist you with citizenship. You must hire a good attorney in Poland - people talk a lot about this matter on forums like this one, they don't know what they talk about - if you really want to confirm your citizenship by descent you must find a reliable, honest attorney and invest your money.

I strongly recommend you "shorashim" law firm, in Warsaw. They helped me, my case was difficult because some papers of my ancestors were missing - but they finished my case with success. They don't charge you for your first consultation, they give you first free legal advice. They make genealogical research for you; Olga is a very serious and reliable person. I'm grateful to her, all she did for me. Today, I'm a Polish citizen.

Good luck.

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