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we are thinking to open asian bistro/ take away in wroclaw

30 May 2013 #1
hello, me and my wife is asian chef, experienced for 10 + years, we are looking for a place to open our first restaurant in Europe, and after we Google-ed the best place to open a new business in Europe, we found this website claritaslux(dot)com(backslash)blog(backslash)country-start-busine ss (backslash) ,

looks like its too good to be true, we are looking for a country that has a strong economy and open minded about Asian food (we cook Thai dishes, Chinese and Pho, it'smore like a fusion thing)

after we searched on the web was not a lot of Asian food (instead of Arabic or Indian) around wroclaw and greater area, and we found this , make us convinced that Poland is way to go..

bloomberg(dot)com(backslash)slideshow(backslash)2013-01-18(backsl ash)best-countries -for-business-2013.html # slide1

if indeed poland as claimed to be then we will open our first restaurant in poland, we may begin to open small first (we had the funds $ 25,000 to $ 35,000)

now we want to know what you think about our plan ..,

1. we want to know how polish think about food Asian ( especially Asian fusion food), because they 're not too many in poland

2. we can not speak Polish , but we will learn and have a willingness to learn polish .the question is.. can we open the restaurant / bistro / cafe etc without speaking the language

3. whether people poland like dining out or take away food

4. whether rules in poland as easy as what they said its, anyone can give us lead to good lawyer, accountant etc around warclaw

5. No,we are not seeking asylum or the others ( back door to europe ), this is pure business opportunity and we do not want wasted it

i would appreciate it if you guys can give us advice and critic ..

thanks in advance
newpip - | 140
30 May 2013 #2
I think you would be very successful. There are many Vietnamese take away places that do well, if you can do more upscale, I am sure you would be great for you. There is an Asian restaurant in Warsaw called Mandarin, this is one of my kids' favourite places to eat. This restaurant is run by Vietnamese chefs and is really successful here.

good luck!!
Valmirdobroca - | 1
31 May 2013 #3
I am looking to open some business in Wroclaw to, perhaps you guys could make itt bigger having a new investor?! you could think about it!
31 May 2013 #4
Yes I think it's great idea. I'm from Canada but when I go to poland( I have family there) I notice that everyone enjoys Asian cuisine. I went to a local business in the small town and everyone loves it there, even my aunt enjoyed it whos rather picky when it comes to anything other than polish food. The people running it didn't understand much polish other than what was on their menu, and they seemed to do just fine. Also I was around the lodz area I'm some of the malls and there was some Asian restaurants there - very busy!
OP asianguy101
31 May 2013 #5
thanks for the reply newpip, we can create to upscale one, but first we try to see the response and we have to test the water first .. hehe in 1st year, if the response is positive then we will make a better / upscale one .. or we make a few branches to the greater area ( yes, we would like hire polish to help us ),anyway we are more to the chinese cuisine than vietnamese, cos we are decent chinesse

Yes I think it's great idea.

thank you vikkitoria , we are glad to hear that,maybe in sept this year we'll come to visit poland and research the market ( eat asian food there ) our self before make a move..we would like to check smaller city like Wroclaw, Poznan maybe gorlitz on poland side ( germany so expensive , not good for business starter)

I am looking to open some business in Wroclaw to, perhaps you guys could make itt bigger having a new investor?! you could think about it!

thank you valmir,yes we can make it bigger but 1st we would like to check the response and test the water 1st.. its just business strategy.we just cant jump to the murky water and didnt know what is inside it..hehe

to get new investor.. why not..hehe but we need to see the market 1st.. $25k-35K we mentioned is the fund that we're prepared for 1st year in poland..( checking the water )

the only problem is loops and hoops, rules and regulations in Poland which is we are completely blind about that, many suggested we have to hire lawyer and accountant for that and we still searching for it atm ( google search..hehe) its very helpful if the members of this board can pointed out for us ( good and cheap

anyway either we'll going big at the end like newpip was mentioned or we make a lot of branch like panda express/ or chopstix in US ( if you ever live in US you'll familiar with both places)
chinesseguy101 - | 1
20 Sep 2013 #6
Merged: we'd like to open chinese bistro/gourmet in wroclaw

hello, my wife and I are Chinese chef with 10 years experience, lately I am interested to invest in Poland, and we have been researching it for quiet sometimes now ,I am interested in opening Chinese bistro / gourmet in Wroclaw or the surrounding area and need some more advice to open a bistro in poland and how hard/ easy the rule and regulation for opening a restaurant

2.somone told us its really easy to set up a bussiness in poland here is the quote
"If you want to do it the cheap way, just rent a place from Gumtree. You will find scores of places that are zoned for small business, and get a Samekid permit from the Polish office, and go to the tax office and get a tax NIP. That is really it. You can rent a place for 500 dollars a month or less. You can get supplies at Auchen or Makro for example and you are all set."

but is it really..? its sound too good to be true poles likes spicy or salty..?authentic Chinese cuisine or fusion ? fast food or ala carte ..? are 16-25zl reasonable price for Asian cuisine..?

4. buy shelf company or register new company..?

5. can i make sole trader or i have to make LLC..?

6. we do not speak polish but we willing to learn as soon as we open the business , is it plausible..? or is it impossible..

7. is it hard to find employee who can understand English in Wroclaw since we need time to learn polish ( we can make her/him as our restaurant Manager) and how much we have to pay him/her

8.we will visiting poland in this mid oct. to see and survey the location and food to determine if we'll open our restaurant or not.. but as www(dot)bloomberg(dot)com/slideshow/2013-01-18/best-countries-for -business-2013.html#slide2 ,Poland is great country to invest in 2013

9. we would appreciate if you recommend a good and trustworthy lawyer to us so we can swing by to their office when we visiting Poland,we'll come to Krakow, Warsaw and Wroclaw

10.we would like to hear from poles who live in Poland so we have insight in our future business in Poland

11. thank you in advance and sorry for my english as english not my 1st langguage
28 Sep 2013 #7
do poles likes spicy or salty..?a

Yes, especially men.
f stop 25 | 2,513
28 Sep 2013 #8
I didn't know Poles like spicy food. Hot peppers are not widely used in Polish cooking. Horseradish is just about the spiciest thing we have.
28 Sep 2013 #9
They do, what about mustard and garlic, they like it spicy : )
rybnik 18 | 1,461
28 Sep 2013 #10
they really don't
I was just over there last month.
my cousins took me to an Italian restaurant where we ordered pizza.
Along with the pie came two red sauces: one zwykły (regular), the other pikantny(spicy)
I tasted very little difference in the sauces. For me they were both tame.
My cousins, on the other hand, used the "spicy" sauce judiciously, for it was hot for them.
f stop 25 | 2,513
28 Sep 2013 #11
They do, what about mustard and garlic, they like it spicy : )

Ryzu, the fact that you consider those spicy is all the proof we need ;)

That said, tastes change. Lately, even I started developing the taste for Sriracha sauce.
28 Sep 2013 #12
So you don't consider garlic or mustard as being spicy? The question is if Poles like spicy food (and both garlic and mustard can make any food spicy).
f stop 25 | 2,513
28 Sep 2013 #13
So you don't consider garlic or mustard as being spicy?

not really, not according to Asian standards. I can't even find them on Scoville scale heat ratings, even though both horseradish and raw garlic do contain Capsaicin.


I'm thinking to open a Bar, Night Club in Wroclaw

I'm a Brazilian guy living in London and after I been to Poland around 70 times ( Wroclaw,krakow,Gdynia,gdansk ,katowvice etc etc ) I thinking to open a pub ,bar ,club with Latino theme

I real like Poland and I hate England , after I been here 12 years I'm sick of this place , I need to leave

I was wondering if with around 60.000£ I could open a small cosy bar in Wroclaw ?

I have good ideas from bars from Brasil and I think could work over there

Any thought?


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