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I am staying illegal but married with Polish. I want to apply for Temporary residence card

Harimohan 1 | -
10 Dec 2016 #1
I am Indian and one before I married with Polish Girl. We had 2 years relationship. But her family have never accepted me. She did not tell her family that we married. And she did not want to tell her Family quickly that we married. My residence card validity have finished on 1/12/2016. I have study till January. I went to with my wife to for next residence card on the bases of marriage so the officials aid that they will tell my wife family too. Her mother is very closed to her but she do not like me at all. And She would hate me and her forever if she knew that we married without her knowldege. So we made plan to not apply on the bases of marriage. So I have another option to apply on the bases of study but this very small city and officials know us so that they said that I have to write my wife name on application and in this case police again go to her family for inquiry. We tried all find all different way to make my stay till my study finish without her family knowldge about our marriage. But we did not find any reason. But by our regular going in office on officer from office gave one Idea that I can be illegal and I can complete my study. And Govt can not trough me out if my wife will support me. So I started to live illegal. Maybe one day police will catch me. My wife and me life together but she did not tell her family yet she have plan to tell after 10 Jan. I want to know what problem we gonna face if Police will catch me or We will tell to govt after 10 Jan ? I want to know that will I able to apply for Temporary residence card being illegal but with married relation. I could go India and apply from there after when she would said but I have to finish my study too and We also spend 2 years together. In real from 2 years we have not made any friends at all. She feel alone without me and I do too. There is many twist in this love story and tears too. Even temporary residence office person know everything cause they interviewed her and me many time we are true speaking person. And I am sure officials know that I am staying illegal here cause this city is very small and we went many time in office and they know that me by face and they saw many time in city and they know that I did not apply for residence card. Please help after 30 days we both will apply for resiedence card. I scared to go in university and city center but my wife always with me when we go in city.
DominicB - | 2,709
11 Dec 2016 #2
Hell hath no fury like a Polish mother in law who hates your guts and thinks you are the Devil incarnate, and you can count on her to make your life a living hell. My guess is that your wife's family will pressure her to apply for a divorce. When forced to choose between her husband and her family, my guess is that she will go with her family, and drop you like a hot potato.
land of thunder
12 Dec 2016 #3
Why did you take the girl? Is she your card into West Europe? Once in there, no doubt, you'll dump her for one of your own. What's wrong with your own race? You're working a scam and you've polluted a White, [though she's a rebellious fool].

Mother in law? Not this one, who will poison the whole family against you. And 'DominicB', #2, is spot on.
If the matriarch invites you to the local Ping-Pong Pizza joint, don't loose your head over it. Because, you might end up as a Ping-Pong Chapati-gate.

Why did you take the girl?
jon357 72 | 21,173
12 Dec 2016 #4
you've polluted a White,

A daft comment.

Why did you take the girl?

You don't have a very high opinion of women, do you?
12 Dec 2016 #5
Maybe she left you because you don't know how to use paragraphs.

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