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Polish Will and how they stand in England.

12 Jan 2017 #1
I would just like as much advice as possible here please,

A polish Will made in poland in the mid 2000's, person deceased recently and it was translated then.
No signature of the person who made it anywhere on it, only that of the notary - is this normal procedure?
Also how are polish will's affected in England for english bank accounts.

I find it unbelievable a Will which is such an important document can have no signature of the person who wrote it or any witnesses also.
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12 Jan 2017 #2
There are three or four kinds of will in Poland and one of them is a notarial deed which seems to be what you have. Here's some information on them:

As you can see, it should supposedly have the signature of the testator (the person making the will) as well as that of the notary. You would need to consult a solicitor about this really.
12 Jan 2017 #3
Im currently under the same situation. Do u know if this stands?

Home / Law / Polish Will and how they stand in England.
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