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Polish resident card questions (got accepted at Jagiellonian University)

Canguder 2 | -
15 Aug 2012 #1
Hey there, I am living in Turkey and I got acceptance from Jagiellonian University. Like in 1 month I will go to Poland for enrollment. Instead of Visa, I would like to apply for Polish resident card and there are two things I am really confused about.

First of all, I see, I need an insurance. Can I buy or should I buy it in Poland?
Secondly, for getting this card I need to prove monthly income+ money in bank? What if except tuition fee I do not have big amount of money in bank but I have income monthly 2.000zl? (from different country). or when I go to Poland if I open a bank account and put my tuition fee in bank and "show them like I have money" does it work?
swissi 7 | 24
22 Apr 2013 #2
could students get 'residence card'? I'm gonna stay for like three years.
Monitor 13 | 1810
22 Apr 2013 #3
only temporary
KienTran1207 1 | 2
22 Apr 2013 #4
@swissi: A student can get resident card (1-year period). After 1 year you have to apply for extension.
2 May 2013 #5
I have been accepted to a polish university. I am an American and am also confused. I opted out of the dormitory and plan to rent a flat as I will be here for 3 years. Do I need to obtain a temporary residence card if I already have a student visa? It seems a bit confusing because if i apply for the TRC on arrival where do I live until I get it and who knows how long it will take me to find a flat. Perhaps I'm confused but my embassy didn't have a clue what I was talking about.

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