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Registering an old, classic car with No Paperwork - How?

Maluch 30 | 95
21 Aug 2014 #1
I have seen some nice older cars for sale 'bez papierow'

Has anyone here personally registered a car with no paperwork? (that is registered in the Poland originally or one that was imported from abroad)? what is the process?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
21 Aug 2014 #2
Such cars can be used as spare parts donors. Some people illegally give them identity of the same type wracked car. They move engine and frame id numbers from wrecked one to the new one.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
21 Aug 2014 #3
Mr Maluch - again - why would somebody want to buy that s!ite - when you can pick up the real thing via German contacts for a good price? Why buy any car used in Poland? I don't get it - either silly prices or aggravation, like the "no papers" story.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
21 Aug 2014 #4
either silly prices or aggravation

Usually silly prices, absolutely. (Very hard to avoid that, a lot of patience needed.)
OP Maluch 30 | 95
29 Aug 2014 #5
I'm not talking about a 5 year old BMW, but an interesting classic that jadek has had sitting in the barn and he lost the papers.

Anybody have personal, useful experience about this they can share?
Wulkan - | 3,243
29 Aug 2014 #6

what is jadek?
29 Aug 2014 #7
then the current owner only needs to pay 80pln for replacement papers, but most of the time cars with no papers have no right to register as they are stolen written off cut n shuts etc dont waste the time and effort you will end up with nothing if the current owner is legit then they just need to go and apply for new papers if they dont want to or give some other excuse walk away as its a scam

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