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Receiving money as gift from parents (Both Polish). What about a tax?

16 Aug 2017 #1
Hi all,

i hope someone here could clear something up for me.
Me and my girlfriend are in the process of buying an appartment, and received a sizable gift from her parents for this.
The parents are polish, my girlfriend ofcourse also. We live in Poland.

Does she need to pay any tax on the received gift? The web is very unclear about this. Hope someone knows!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
16 Aug 2017 #2
It's tax free as long as you declare it.
OP Alexbrz
17 Aug 2017 #3
Alright, i kinda came to the same conclusion, have to fill in the SD-Z2 document. At least SOME good news in the maze of horror that is getting a Polish mortgage and house
17 Aug 2017 #4
Does she need to pay any tax on the received gift?

She does not need to pay any tax on gifts (whether money or other things of value) she gets from her parents provided that she notifies the tax office about the gift. If she doesn't notify the tax office about the gift and they find out about it, tax is due at the normal income tax rate (i.e. 19% and upwards).
17 Aug 2017 #5
You have 6 months to declare the gift and it must be done by bank transfer with the gifting declared in the title of the transfer ie. darwisno
OP Alexbrz
17 Aug 2017 #6
For future searchers: As the gift is in foreign currency, and a lot would be lost in the transfer to Zloty bank account, it is also allowed to do it in cash, given a "gift declaration" is signed. This is the result of some extensive searching into how to do it most economically. Indeed, declare it within 6 months with the SD-Z2 document, preferably transfer by bank, if impossible sign this declaration with the giving party. They can be found on google as a template.
terri 1 | 1,664
17 Aug 2017 #7
You must declare it to the authorities. The Tax office gets copies of all Akt Notarialny and may ask you where you got the money from. Keep receipts and copies of all bank pages which can show that the money (yours and parents) is legit. If they have saved it, they must be able to show where it came from.

Do not let them (tax office) even suspect that it could be 'money laundering'.....and I don't mean washing money in a washing machine.
OP Alexbrz
17 Aug 2017 #8
All clear Terri, thanks. The money has a easily traceable legitimate source, from employer payslip to parents to daughter. Should be all set after filling in the form!

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