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Question about Polish Consulate National Visa Type-D Review Process. I have an official work permit.

6 Apr 2016 #1
How does the Visa review process work? (This is in reference to the Chicago Consulate).

I will be applying for a National Visa Type-D at the Polish Consulate. I have an official work permit, which took around 40-50 days to receive from the Voivoide Office. Does the work permit virtually guarantee a Visa acceptance?

My work permit expires one month before my trip itinerary departure date. But I plan on telling them that I will be extending the work permit by one month once I arrive in Poland. Will this be an issue?
interfacemirror 3 | 26
11 Apr 2016 #2
Hi there,

I had the same situation however my work permit is valid for 1 year. Having a letter from your employer/Contract and also work permit almost makes you there. I had to submit few additional document for myself and my wife to get the visa. But once they see your work permit the way they treat you in the embassy/consulate is changed.

It never hurts you to tell the truth. I always tell the truth and it has never stopped me to get any visa. Sometimes we think if we tell the truth, it will cause us a problem to obtain the visa which is not always truth.
3 Aug 2016 #3
Merged: Interview question for visa interview - After getting work permit


Recently I got the work permit for very well known company in Poland. Now I have visa interview with in few days. What type of question should I expect ? What type of preparation I have to do ? Can anyone share his/her experience ?

F.Y.I i belongs to India.

Kindly looking for response.
teeku27 - | 3
5 Dec 2016 #4
Merged: Chances of getting visa after getting type A work permit in Poland

I just got work permit , type A for a job in an NGO in Warsaw. I am just worried how will the visa process will go.

Is there is still a chance they can reject a visa ? I have completed all the documents that are required.
I am just worried. I am from Lahore, Pakistan.
Cool_One - | 1
31 Mar 2018 #5

Basic Diffrences Between Poland National D-type Visa and the Work TRC

Greeting to the all group members,

I am bit confused in the Poland national d-type visa and the work TRC.

What are the basic differences between Poland national d-type visa and the work TRC?

Who is responsible to apply for the both type visas and when?
ashutosh1490 - | 1
4 Mar 2019 #6

What is "Highly qualified staff" category of National visa in Delhi (India) consulate?


I've got an offer from Warsaw, Poland. This offer is from a very reputed multi-national bank in IT field. I've heard that IT people may belong to this category but I could not get any information from any website including this forum. I see on the Delhi consulate website, If you select "Highly qualified staff", there is not date displayed. Is the appointment process different for this Category? How may I know, I belong to this category? Kindly suggest.
16 Sep 2019 #7
Hello Ashutosh, did you get any chance to get the details about this category? what did you do to obtain the Work Visa for your job. As i am facing the same situation. what can i do next if not able to reserve the date under National Visa -Work. Since i have a offer from a reputed company in IT.

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