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Problem with making an appointment for Polish student VISA

HuyenNguyen 1 | 11
14 Jul 2016 #1
Hi guys,
I'm a Vietnamese. I've got an offer from Collegium Civitas in Poland. However, the point is I can't make an appointment for the visa application online. Everytime I tried, it was shown that "lack of available dates to...". I wrote to the Embassy and they said new slots would be released on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. It's unimaginable that all the slots could become reserved within 10 seconds which I did witness today.

My date for the school is coming way very near and I have been struggling with the visa thing.
Does anyone have any experience in visa application? Do you guys think calling the Embassy and explaining my situation could help? I'm very worried.

Thank you.
Atch 23 | 4,057
14 Jul 2016 #2
Yes, it's always worth calling the embassy but it may be difficult to get through. Embassies often don't answer the phone!

I don't have any experience with applying for a visa but I would suggest that maybe you could try contacting the Vietnamese embassy in Poland explaining your difficulties in making the visa appointment. Send them an email and maybe they can contact the Polish embassy in Vietnam on your behalf. Here's the link:

I see that there is a gentleman called Mr. Nguyen Minh Que, (Research, Reception and student in Poland)
Maybe his office could help you. Their number is Tel: 651 60 98/ ext. 51 Don't forget to put the code for Poland in front of that number! It might be expensive to call them from a phone but you could use Skype. Or you could just give them a quick call and ask for his email address. If you have the individual's email address instead of just the general embassy email, it may be dealt with quicker.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted out ok.
OP HuyenNguyen 1 | 11
14 Jul 2016 #3
Thank you so much. I appreciate that. It helps a lot.
enny1 - | 2
17 Jul 2016 #4
Yes i'll suggest you contact as soon as you can.
12 Dec 2017 #5
hi i am Harish from India .I got the admission in Poland but i can get the slot for the visa. please can you help me
1 Jan 2018 #6
how to get dates for poland ? always its unavailable
Renuga Pillai
22 Jan 2018 #7
Hi, I'm from Mumbai, India, Got my offer letter from Poland University and I've been trying to book a visa appointment since last one month but I couldn't, and my course will be starting shortly by Feb mid week. Since 3 weeks I was able to see the dates, but on clicking it, it shows "the date chosen is unavailable". And by the time I refresh the page and try again, despite high speed internet, the dates are unavailable for one week. I've sent mails to the embassy but no reply and tried calling also, several times but no response. I directly visited the embassy and nobody was ready to even listen or assist. Urgently need guidance to book an appointment as soon as possible. Dates are already unavailable until 16th Feb and my course will start on 22nd Feb. Please help.
Shahid Khan
29 Jan 2018 #8
I am trying from last month to book visa dates but same thing happened with me.
i contact with my university and they concerned with embassy also and they told me to try again.
If we people inform our universities then they can help us by pressurizing embassy to check whats happening.
31 Jan 2018 #9
dates are very opening very rarely...if got 2 slots..if you need any help...then please provide me your contact no. or mail ID
20 Feb 2018 #10
@Renuka Did you find a solution to your problem
26 Feb 2018 #11
Any of you looking for work permit or tourism visa appointment/slot I can help let me know
28 Feb 2018 #12
Hello Guys, If you are looking for the Poland visa slot for the Work , Others or any Schengen Visa slot , then you may enquire on my mail Id

We are 100% genuine and can help you for getting the slots.
Harini - | 10
8 May 2018 #13
Students visa slots are yet to open, mail to me who required for appointment. Genuine work...
JAXX5 - | 1
20 May 2018 #14
Hi Renuga,

Did you get the visa slot for Poland, i have the same issue that you had.
Could you help me?
Raj shah
22 May 2018 #15
Student visa date open for September intake??
Harini - | 10
6 Jun 2018 #16
Drop mail to me. Can help you to get the slot for poland
punitzx23 - | 1
9 Jun 2018 #17

student visa appointment

I got admission in poland university but not able to get poland student visa appointment slot can any one help me regarding this issue
14 Jun 2018 #18
I need to get a work visa appointment in Polish Embassy in New Delhi. But, unfortunately, appointment slot is not available. Can any one help me?
Jignesh Raval
15 Jun 2018 #19
I need help in Poland Student Visa for October intake
Can any one help?
14 Jan 2019 #20

Regarding booking a appointment date for polish national student visa

Has anyone tried to book a date for the polish national student visa on 14/01/19?
There seems to be some problem with the website,its not showing any option under location,has anyone else countered the same problem?

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