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Preparing for Polish B1 Exam for Citizenship

exodus 1 | 5
21 Apr 2017 #1
Hello forummers :)

I'm a basic beginner of polish language. My aim is to get to the B1 level for the citizenship language requirement which is that B1 certificate is a compulsory. I will like to hear from those who have written this exam and how was it. Any advise/recommended schools that you attended that truly prepared you and got you through passing the exam. Please lets come together and discuss this top extensively. Pozdrowienia
Lyzko 37 | 8,696
21 Apr 2017 #2
You can still download the exam template for free, I believe. While I've never taken it, I've heard from Polish native speakers on this forum that some of the questions are real toughies, even for Poles:-)

Afraid that's all I can offer you at this point. Check it out. Maybe it's available on line. It was about a year ago when I first took a look at it!
OP exodus 1 | 5
10 May 2017 #3
Thanks for your response Lyzko. Please may I ask, which city do you live in Poland? I plan on enrolling for the 1 year long polish language course at this school called Centrum Jezykowe Together. Can you share your opinion about them if you have. I tried checking online for their reviews but could only see the one on Facebook which I can't completely go with.
Lyzko 37 | 8,696
10 May 2017 #4
I live in the States, in Fort Lee, New Jersey to be exact:-)
OP exodus 1 | 5
7 Jul 2017 #5
Please someone should tell me they have written this exam. Nobody is responding :(
Lyzko 37 | 8,696
7 Jul 2017 #6
As soon as I receive a response, I'll let you know. From which country are you posting, by the way?
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
9 Jul 2017 #7

It's a small forum and anyone who posts here has either left Poland, is Polish already or isn't qualified for citizenship.

Facebook has expat groups, maybe you'll find a foriegn citizen there.
OP exodus 1 | 5
22 Jul 2017 #8
Thanks, sorry for the late response. Can you please share the page or any links that have similar topics discussed. Seems lots of schools are offering polish language courses, ranging from monthly, seamster, yearly. Hoping someone who attended a school in Warsaw and passed the B1 Exam can share their experience. Thanks.
juny - | 3
12 Mar 2018 #9
Hi all, I am in the same boat, I am preparing for going through this Polish language exam level B1 in order to apply for the Polish citizenship.

I currently living in Trojmiasto, can anyone indicate a place where I could do this test in Gdansk?
Did anyone recently pass the exam?
Thank you in Advance.
OP exodus 1 | 5
24 Sep 2019 #10
@juny, did you write the exam already? what was the outcome?
Lyzko 37 | 8,696
24 Sep 2019 #11
Yes, I'm curious as well.

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