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X wife psychologically problem and parental authority law in Poland

jamshaidakhtarpl 3 | 5
7 Mar 2018 #1
My X wife have a psychological problem and couple years ago she had been therapy by a psychiatrist and her mother also write to court that she is mentally sick.

We have a 3 year child and I think a small baby have been mentally disturbed by her.
What is polish law about parental custody in Poland???

What does it mean?

Google Translate.
Child entrusts the mother, limiting parental authority of the parents to the mother by establishing lĺsuperintendent supervision, which obliges the supervisor to submit surveillance reports once in two weeks to co-decide on relevant child matters in the field of foreigners over 14 days.

Original text.

powierza matce, ograniczając władzę rodzicielską rodziców matce poprzez ustanowienie nadzoru kuratora, którego zobowiązuje do skladania sprawozdań z nadzoru jeden raz na dwa tygodnie ojcu do współdecydowania o istotnych sprawach dzieckaw zakresie wyazdów zagranicznych powyżej 14 dni
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
8 Mar 2018 #2
it's a very old story, saying that your ex is sick in the head, and you need to have the child/ren reside with you.

very very old.
SigSauer 4 | 397
8 Mar 2018 #3

I read through some of his other posts, he is more concerned about his anchor baby keeping him in the country than the welfare of his child or his ex-wife.


After reading some of your other posts regarding this matter, I only think two questions are appropriate for you. "Chicken or beef?" and "Window or aisle?"

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