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Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland

BlueSpace 1 | 22
7 Apr 2018 #91
If a person has been living for 5 years based on marriage has right to apply long term eu? (No stable income)
7 Apr 2018 #92
You do need proof of income and a residence BTW.
BlueSpace 1 | 22
7 Apr 2018 #93
Proof of income for 5 years or before the application? Lets say a person has been living here for 5 years and 4 years has no proof of income (family support) and last year found a job and works within the country? There is chance to apply for it?
Walgreens - | 6
7 Apr 2018 #94
I think you posted that you already have a permanent residence ?
BlueSpace 1 | 22
7 Apr 2018 #95
So there is no difference between them?
7 Apr 2018 #96
You need a proof of stable income for the last 3 years and B1 certificate for Polish language.
Walgreens - | 6
7 Apr 2018 #97
dovia,not for permanent resident card you need polish language proficiency certificate its for citizenship only.I am not sure about income also for 3 years also but maybe rules have changed.
7 Apr 2018 #98
Law has changed, from 14.02.2018, B1 Polish is needed for long-term EU residence (Ustawa o cudzoziemcach, art. 211). Also 3 yeas of stable income.
Walgreens - | 6
7 Apr 2018 #99
So fellow Brits living in Poland will have problems:((( sad!
TheWizard - | 236
8 Apr 2018 #100
I think crow should live in Poland based on how long he has been on this forum. I haven't been here for ages but he is still here lol. He loves Poland but first he must let go of the ruski taint.
14 Jun 2018 #101
hi! I'm here looking for an answer. I hope someone will help me. My fiancée is a polish national but work and leave in Germany and we'll getting married in Poland. my question is after marriage what are the requirements to get resident permit?

ps. I came here using Schengen visa

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