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Poland's Visa Interview - it went too easy. Should I be worried?

Becoming dad 1 | 10    
11 Jan 2018  #1


I just had my Polish visa interview and it was too easy that it got me worried. My wife is Polish and I'm Nigerian. We are expecting a baby so I want to be there for the delivery like every first time dad.

So basically at the embassy, I wasn't asked any questions, I was only asked to tender the basic documents required for a tourist visa and was told to come back in two weeks. I was prepared with other documents like marriage cert, antenatal docs, pictures with my wife etc. None of that was asked for.

This got me worried like is that how easy it is or did the interviewer already refuse me a visa and didn't want to waste his precious time on me? Visa interviews are meant to be hard, aren't they?

Tlum 10 | 133    
11 Jan 2018  #2

Perhaps the clerks weren't prepared for your arrival and will make it up in two weeks ;) I guess not asking questions is better than a refusal or asking for documents you don't have.
OP Becoming dad 1 | 10    
13 Jan 2018  #3

I think you are right. I was two hours early. I didn't want to be late and thought there would be traffic.

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