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Value of Computer in Poland

BLS 65 | 188
2 Dec 2009 #1
I am knee-deep in my taxes and am trying to figure out the value of a computer that I 'donated' to my business. My accountant told me that the value is determined by the going rate in December of the previous year - does anyone know where to find this information?

Also, I need to find a website that lists the daily exchange rates between the złoty and dollar over the past year - any ideas here? Thanks!
2 Dec 2009 #2 has tables of exchange rates for past years.
jwojcie 2 | 763
2 Dec 2009 #3
USD/PLN last 30 years (I believe it is adjusted to redenomination) :
Seanus 15 | 19,706
2 Dec 2009 #4
I know Millenium bank offer the current exchange rate on their website but they might offer previous ones too. There is a paper called Informator which may have such info. Best go with the suggestions above, though.
3 Dec 2009 #5
Harry has given you a correct advice. Use NBP's exchange rates - as a rule they are applied to tax calculation etc. in Poland. You can find them on following webside:

5 Feb 2010 #6
Hallo BLS,
I can help you out with the yahoo. currency converter.
Follow the next steps one by one: on the left, click on
quickllinks and on
Finance. Page down for an part and you see
Currency Converter and an littlebitt lower
Convert currencies On the left the US$ and on the right ( click on browse all and on P-R )
Polish Zloty (PLN) is easy to find and at this moment 2 febr. 2010 $1,-- = Zt 2.9933
View 5 Day Trend will bring you to
Try our Interactive Chart. The next page bring you to the chart and on the botton make your choice between 1 day and 11 years.

You can help me to I guess. I try to buy computerparts in Poland, to bild an computer but everythime the troble we don't ship to Brasil. You have some connextions of sollution?

Paul from Holland in Brasil.
Wroclaw Boy
5 Feb 2010 #7
I know Millenium bank offer the current exchange rate on their website but they might offer previous ones too.

Thats no help what so ever man. Made me chuckle though.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
5 Feb 2010 #8
How is it not? He asked for exchange rates and it has them. Have you even read Informator, WB?

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