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To which Poland's Urzad Skarbowy do I belong to?

15 Jan 2015 #1
I'm a polish citizen , and i'm not sure to which urzad i belong to, is there a way to check ? or is it just that i have to register myself into one ?
15 Jan 2015 #2
Not 100% sure, but I think it's related to your home address in Poland (So for example Urzad Skarbowy Krzyki is for all addresses belonging to the Krzyki district)
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15 Jan 2015 #3
well my problem is that i have a temporary address in poland in Poznan , and my polish ID was issued from warsaw ...
Looker - | 1,047
15 Jan 2015 #4
So you should go to Urzad Skarbowy in Poznan. Only your current address is important for them. For tax purposes only place of residence matters - ie. the place where the taxpayer resides with the intention of permanent residence.

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