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Typo on a pre-marriage document - Poland

16 Jan 2019 #1
Dear all,

In May this year my fiancé and I will get married at an urząd stanu cywilnego (USC).

Recently we went to the office and I provided the required documents (proof of identity (EU national), birth certificate, translations). The lady at the USC checked all the documents, was happy enough and prepared the necessary forms for us to sign. She asked us to double-check if she filled-in all details correctly.

This is where I made a mistake. My father's second name has two existing variants, with just one letter difference, and at the time I thought the correct variant was put correctly on the form. However, I just learned that his middle name is spelled using the alternative variant (one letter difference), meaning that the lady at the USC did not copy my father's middle name correctly from the birth certificate. This means that the lady's typo is on the document I signed at the USC.

My question is, how big of a deal is this? We've already set the date at the USC, so the wedding is scheduled to happen. Would it be advisable to re-visit them and have the typo corrected, or is this a non-issue that I'm blowing up disproportionately? My fear is that the registrar may notice the typo soon before the wedding or on the day itself when cross-checking the birth certificate and the form I signed, calling it invalid and cancelling the ceremony. I have no idea whether this fear is even slightly realistic.

Thank you for your time.
17 Jan 2019 #2
I'd forget about it and not mention it to them; otherwise, it would create unnecessary problems which are not worth it and would not actually fix anything. Just move on and don't get back to it :)
OP radiatorkey
20 Jan 2019 #3
Thanks for the reply, Nathans. This is exactly what my partner and in-laws have been saying too, so I guess you are right :).

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