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Turkish citizen. Civil marriage in Poland - Urgent

yusufkocer 1 | 6
14 Aug 2012 #1
Hi there all,

I am a Turkish citizen and planning to marry a Polish citizen in Poland (civil marriage only). We asked Urzad Miasta in Nysa and another location regarding marriage procedure however we came to know that both of us have to apply together at Urzad Miasta. In this case we will have to apply with all necessary documents and wait a month (usually a month) to hear civil marriage date to be announced. I would like to know if only one of us applied at Urzad Miasta (Municipality office) and arrange a date for civil marriage.

As it seems we will have to go Poland twice to do civil marriage, which is not really what we would like to have.

Solid experienced people we need your help :) Thanks in advance

14 Aug 2012 #2
Best advice is to first ask the office you'll be using if only one of you can go to file the documentation and apply for a date. If they say yes, you're good to go. If they say no, ask them for the legal basis on which they require both persons to attend when submitting paperwork. Also ask if one partner with a relevant power of attorney can go alone. If they say no, again ask for the legal basis on which they refuse to accept a PoA.

You have managed to get a certificate of no impediment to marry, haven't you?
OP yusufkocer 1 | 6
14 Aug 2012 #3
My fiancé went to Nysa Urzad Miasta in person and asked for the proceedings. She was advised that 'both of us' shall be present at the time of paperwork submission. Currently we both are living in Turkey and would like to marry at once. I didnt get the certificate of no impediment to marry, however I know where and how to get this document in Turkey. All docs (Turkish docs) will be translated into Polish in a Polish government recognised way.

Thanks for the future advice in advance
teflcat 5 | 1,032
14 Aug 2012 #4
She was advised that 'both of us' shall be present at the time of paperwork submission.

I am a foreigner who married a Pole, and we both had to attend the register office when we applied in order to sign application documents. While it is in order to grant proxy power to your wife for some things (e.g. my wife deals with ZUS for me) I am inclined to think that for something like marriage you'll both have to be there. Is it such a problem for you to come?
OP yusufkocer 1 | 6
14 Aug 2012 #5
Hey Teflcat,

Thanks for the reply. It is not a problem for both of us to come Poland at all. However our worry is whether we can succeed in managing civil marriage once we are there at a short time scale. We are intending to stay 2 weeks at most. Considering all documents required are ready and valid; can we apply and marry same day? We were told that we need to submit marriage documents and wait till the civil marriage date is announced. Any idea if we can shorten that time span? e.g. apply and marry same day or few days later
teflcat 5 | 1,032
14 Aug 2012 #6
can we apply and marry same day?

It's not Las Vegas Yusuf! There aren't very many bureaucratic things you can do in one day in Poland. As Harry says, find out the legal basis for their decision and take it from there. And remember, there's always Vegas.
sa11y 5 | 331
14 Aug 2012 #7
to stay 2 weeks at most

Yusuf - Turkey is not that far and there are plenty cheap flights.
Why don't you come twice, once to apply (you could probably fly back the same day) and then come second time to get married?
14 Aug 2012 #8
Why not just get married in Turkey and then have a ceremonial 'wedding' in Poland?
OP yusufkocer 1 | 6
14 Aug 2012 #9
It was a good one Teflcat, thanks for the remarks :) How long after submitting/signing marriage application you married? Trying to figure out process.

sa11y - actually that's what my fiancé is on about, she'd like to travel twice and get to enjoy Poland more, worst case we do that :)
sa11y 5 | 331
14 Aug 2012 #10
But why is it worse case? You are probably busy with work and stuff, but one gets married only once :) (at least in ideal world...)

Take some leave and enjoy the stay.
OP yusufkocer 1 | 6
14 Aug 2012 #11
@Harry - That we also consider as an option:)

@Sa11y - you are right, seems like we follow that path eventually :)

Thanks all for the awesome synergy and contributions!

PS: More comments/advice are always welcomed
teflcat 5 | 1,032
14 Aug 2012 #12
How long after submitting/signing marriage application you married?

We applied a couple of months before as we were in no hurry. It may also depend on where you do it. In our small town things are generally faster than in the big cities, e.g. planning/building permission. However, as far as I know, it's not possible to get married very quickly. Let's face it, there are good, common sense reasons for that.

she'd like to travel twice and get to enjoy Poland more, worst case we do that :)

She's right, of course. Two trips = twice the fun. İyi şanslar!
Buggsy 8 | 98
14 Aug 2012 #13
Here is what happened last year to someone i know.
They got married in a small town: population about 40 000 people.
He had his letter of no impediment but the birthcertificate wasn't the full version: the one with his mother's maiden name.
So, when the birthcertificate finally came through, his letter of no impediment was about to expire in 2 weeks time and the guy in the USC

office married them a week before it expired.
I want to emphasize ,however, that he was the understanding type and it doesn't normally happen like this.
The minimum period, as far as i know, is one month. It's almost certain that they will give u a date that is one month from the day u register.

The registry part requires both parties to be there that's how they interpret the requirement.
As for documents in a foreign language: they require them to be translated by a person who is certified to translate from that original language into Polish.

Good luck to you.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
14 Aug 2012 #14
Possibly good news, Yusuf. Today I spoke to a lady who seems to know what she's talking about. She told me that one month is the maximum period between application and ceremony. She said that if you have everything in order, depending on how busy they are, you may not have to wait very long. They always tell you the maximum to cover their backs.

So the message seems to be a) get all the required papers together b) get married in a small town c) get married in winter.
OP yusufkocer 1 | 6
15 Aug 2012 #15
Hey teflcat,

Sigh, uhh! That relieved me. We plan to get married in October in a small town. I shall get all docs ready as required and then fly PL. Hope we can manage at a short time scale as indicated. Thanks a lot for the help, well appreciated.
Ajb 6 | 232
15 Aug 2012 #16

We got married last week, I can tell you that:
IF you have all the documents ready that your town's registrar requires then they will issue the documents required for the wedding instantly. When we went and signed all the documents the registrar gave us the documents allowing us to get married straight away!

But please note that not all are willing to help...... Ours found a mistake in the SWORN translation but still accepted it as long as we corrected it and gave him it the week after (nice guy!)

We had endless problems with sorted the documents for church.... however that's not a problem for you :)

If I were to offer and advice... I'd leave plenty of time and be ready to have some kind of problem with some document(s)

Good luck :)
OP yusufkocer 1 | 6
15 Aug 2012 #17
Hi Ajb,

Thanks for the insight and sharing your experience, it will be guiding. Would you mind writing down the documents required by local town registrar for me? Would be a chance for me to double check :)
Muhammad Tahir
13 Sep 2012 #18
I want marry in Poland,my Girlfriend she is also from poland,but I have one problem that I have no legal status in Poland ,give me information that how can I marry with her in Poland
13 Sep 2012 #19
If you aren't legally in Poland, you can't get married in Poland.
Muhammad Tahir
13 Sep 2012 #20
If I apply asylum after I can marry?

Please give me the way of Marry in Poland .i have no legal status in Poland ,please help me
11 Oct 2012 #21
what did you do man? I heard that if you apply for asylum as a refugee you are ligalizing your stay in Poland and so you can get married.... let me know how you managed to do?
Crow 160 | 9,212
24 Nov 2016 #22
Here is what can happen to a girl that merry Turkish guy

This is a story about Serbian girl Slavica Burmazović who married Turkish guy. They lived in Belgrade. After she gave birth to third child, her Turkish husband kidnapped all three of their children and escaped to Turkey to introduce Turkish ways to children.

These days this desperate mother pressuring courts and government in Serbia to help her retrieve her children. Anyway, in one occasion Turkish court allowed to mother Slavica to visit her children and as she says the youngest child was bagging her to take it with her to Serbia.

Life of this woman is destroyed, her life is constant pain and agony but, struggle goes on. She says that she intent to dedicate rest of her life to get back her children.


Slavica Burmazović, desperate mother - at the entrance to the Serbian government: ``Help me to get back my children``
DuRnaa - | 6
24 Nov 2016 #23
Crow, the racist Armenian is still around here and still keeps generalizing.. Seriously, is Armenia part of heaven? Everybody is like angel? Why the hell did you write those above? Who asked you that?
Crow 160 | 9,212
24 Nov 2016 #24
Give back children.
Crow 160 | 9,212
25 Nov 2016 #25
Latest news in case with story of that tragic Slavic mother- Slavica Burmazović (go goolge that, plenty on it on the Net), is that she founded out that her former husband, Turkish father of her children, moved from Turkey to Iran and that he there selling their oldest 12 years old daughter as sex slave to rich Iranians. As weeping mother said to journalists, fact that is 12 years old Ajsa half Slavic increasing her price in Iran and Turkey. Mother is in agony being unable to help to daughter, that becoming pawn in most wicked and twisted ways of Islamic world, that is in the hands of obviously totally failed father.

God, have mercy on destine of this tragic mother. Help her to retrieve her children.

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