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Can I travel to Poland using my Invitation Letter from my mother in law?

kishaczechowska 1 | -
23 Jul 2016 #1
Hello. I need an advice. I am a filipina holding a Philippine passport. I am married to a polish guy, but he ia working and living in UK so it was his mother who sent me an invitation to go to Poland. I received an invitation which is valid for 1 year. My mother in law processed lots paper works including her Tax, proof she's got 5000 euro as my travel insurance to cover my cost of stay, her bank account, proof she's got a house, proof she is polish, etc.

My question is, am I allowed to travel just using my invitation letter?
My husband said my visa will be stamped on my passport on the Poland border before I enter. Which means, I only have my invitation letter, passport, marriage contract and ID's when I travel to poland. I already have my plane ticket and I am set to fly on August 15, 2016. I am just a bit worried that the philippine immigration might hold me at the airport knowing that I don't have a visa yet. Please help.
Gaucho 2 | 49
23 Jul 2016 #2
According to this link
You need to contact the embassy of Poland to process your Visa and you WON'T get an automatic stamp Visa.
Do it ASAP and you'll probably have to pay some kind of rush fee.
As you're married to a Polish citizen you could ask for a resident Visa or Karta Pobytu either now or as soon as you get here (lets you stay up to 2/3 years instead of the usual 3 months given to tourists - and then you can't come back to Poland for another 3 months).

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