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Transferring inherited land to relatives in Poland?

kukuluku 1 | -
19 Mar 2016 #1
I, my sister and my mother ( all British Citizens and UK resident) have recently become aware that we own part shares in a small plot of farmland in Poland; the remaining shares are owned by relatives (Polish citizens and residents). We had all believed my father's share had been transferred during his lifetime to his brother but somehow this did not happen.

My father was Polish by birth but was a British citizen at the time of his death in 1970. All of my father's siblings and any spouses are now deceased and the next generation are looking to tidy up the legal ownership of the land. Our relatives in Poland are trying to organise this and we wish to be as supportive as possible

As all of my father's generation died intestate (UK & Poland), we have been advised that the next stage is for us to grant a power of attorney to a cousin so that she may represent us in the Polish court dealing with inheritance matters.

We have been advised that we should provide 3 X PoA (self, sister and mother)
3 X marriage certificates(self, sister and mother), 1 X father's death certificate) certified by a notary.
Does anyone know if this is the only way to proceed? The costs will soon mount and we want to keep costs for our relatives in Poland to minimum, since the plot is agricultural, small and of low commercial value.

Thank you
Looker - | 1,099
20 Mar 2016 #2
In my opinion it is one of the best and simplest way to proceed since this specific case will require lawyers and the court to establish the acquisition of an inheritance. It would be much easier (and less expensive) if your father at the time of his death had Polish citizenship - then the inheritance certification could be conducted by a regular notary.
Pol attorney 2 | 106
22 Mar 2016 #3
To make things easier, it's even possible to submit a written declaration in the Polish office of the notary.

However if it's farmland, you can inherit this land ONLY if you were under 18 in 1970, or if you were a farmer or had agricultural education at that time, etc.

There are many legal restrictions here to be considered.

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