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Poland tourist visa refusal

Yassine 1 | 3
15 Jun 2017 #1
Hello everyone, hope you had a good day
I'm 24 years moroccan master degree student, i tried to apply for a tourist visa type C to visit my girlfriend and her family in Bydgoczsz but i got a refusal for two reasons:

*2.Justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided.
*9. Your intention to leave the territory of the member states before the expiry of the visa could
not be ascertained

i provided all the documents that i could give:
-Visa application form
-2 photos
-Valid Passport
-Travel medical insurance
-Flight air ticket reservation
-Proof of civil status
-Official Invitation letter for 2 months montioning that my host is in charge of my subsistence for the duration
-School certificate
-My dad's Pension statement for the last 3 months with a salary of 1000euro per month
-My dad's certification of holding a good (House holding certificate)

I don't know what else should i provide i was thinking about transfering some amount of money (4000euro) from my dad's bank account my personal account and provide a statement just to proof that i have enough subsistence, also i have another school certificate from a french university because i study in a private business school with double diploma.

i was shocked by the refusal after all what i provided and im wondering how to proof that i wana return to my country, that i don't have any intentions to stay in Poland

Please if you have any advise you're welcome, and thank you for your time
terri 1 | 1,664
15 Jun 2017 #2
It is not up to us to advise you of what else you could provide. You should go back to the authorities and ask them. If they have refused you they must have had good reasons. Only they can tell you what they are.
DominicB - | 2,709
15 Jun 2017 #3
im wondering how to proof that i wana return to my country, that i don't have any intentions to stay in Poland

Pretty much impossible for a penniless student. Frankly, you have no credible reason to return to Morocco. You can't show proof of something that you don't have. No amount of documents is going to change that, and your plan of transferring money to your bank account is just plain silly.
OP Yassine 1 | 3
15 Jun 2017 #4
So after what you said there is no way to get there ?! even with this invitation letter ?
OP Yassine 1 | 3
15 Jun 2017 #5
would it help if i ask for national visa ? plus you know i still have my finals in sept' so i might get a supporting letter from my school, and i do have a motorcycle so maybe if i give the registration card that will halp as well ?

Well after i came back from the consulat with the refusal, we called them back to ask about it i mean what's the main reasons and they said it's more about my age that's is the perfect time to think about immigration, plus it's my last year of studies... but really i don't have any intentions to immigrate and im going to stay in my host place as well !
15 Jun 2017 #6
You are from north Africa, you have no job, you live off your dad's pension, you have a girlfriend in Europe .... I wonder why you were refused visa :-)

I don't think your motorcycle registration will help, getting a respectful job might.
terri 1 | 1,664
15 Jun 2017 #7
People seem to forget that if you have no job in Poland, you will not get any social benefits. You will have to turn to crime, will be caught and will be sent back to your home country with a criminal record.
OP Yassine 1 | 3
16 Jun 2017 #8
I allready said that i don't have any intentions to immigrate, it's just a visit... and there is nothing to worry about or any social benifits to look for. so thank you anyway for your help

Well is there nothing wrong in that ? it's just for a touristic visa and that's all... for the respectful job sooner or later, and thank you, i will try to figure it out and apply again
terri 1 | 1,664
19 Jun 2017 #9
You do not have to convince me - I do not know you and it's not my problem. However, you have to convince the authorities and you have failed to do that. They do not have to give you a reason anyway - just refuse you and that's it. No one can help you.
Asif Munir
2 Oct 2019 #10
The polish embassy Islamabad rejected my work visa and not giving right of appeal can i submit appeal and application advise me please

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