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Touched goods in Poland's stores are considered "sold"?

24 Sep 2014 #1
A few years ago When I was in Poland, in some stores I saw a notice: "Towar dotknięty uważa się za sprzedany." (Touched goods are considered sold). Is it actually a part of Poland's consumer laws that when they touch some goods (usually foods) they are legally obliged to buy it? What if they touch it and they don't want to buy it? Is this "law" still in effect?
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
24 Sep 2014 #2
In that case, I've a huge bill coming to me, because I often take electrical goods out of boxes to see them demonstrated and sometimes I don't buy if they seem unsuitable. Often staff do this for me and then let me try or handle the goods (if you pardon the expression). When it comes to food, I don't know. I am not one of these people who eats their shopping as they walk around the store, but I'd be surprised if picking up an apple to check for bruising means you have to buy it.

Of course, it might be that in some countries, powering up an electrical device prospective purchase renders it 'used' and no longer new.
jon357 67 | 16,902
25 Sep 2014 #3
Touched goods are considered sold). Is it actually a part of Poland's consumer laws?

Doubtful. I've seen that in a few places round the world but not often in PL. Makes sense if it's food though, like fruit. I do know that the environmental health service in Warsaw have serious concerns about loaves of bread in self service displays, especially ones left out for people to cut in half. They now insist plastic gloves, bags etc are provided however people don't always use them.

Better if some shops in Poland have a sign saying "Foodstuffs displayed all day uncovered on a shelf exactly at old age pensioners coughing height are considered unsaleable" but that hope is a distant one...
Ziemowit 13 | 4,381
25 Sep 2014 #4
A few years ago When I was in Poland, in some stores I saw a notice: (Touched goods are considered sold).

Indeed, there used to be such notices quite a long time ago, but these were only about selling bread. Some customers were even paraphrasing it into "Towar macany uważa się za sprzedany" or "Towar macany należy do macającego" which sounded funny. But I haven't seen this notice for ages now.

There used to be quite a few funny notices in shops during communist times. An intelligent film "paraphrase" of that can be seen in one of Stanisław Bareja films where customers who were too annoying to shopkeepers in shops which had almost nothing to sell were caught by the staff and then taken portrait photographs of which later were zoomed in and displayed at the door of the shop under the big heading "Tych klientów nie obsługujemy" (Those customers will be refused to trade with here).
jon357 67 | 16,902
25 Sep 2014 #5
"Tych klientów nie obsługujemy"

A classic. You can get mugs with that on and a picture of the famous rogues gallery from the film. Popular with people who work in customer service.

There are still a few food shops where an old lady follows customers around darting from aisle to aisle. So much for innocent until proven guilty....
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
25 Sep 2014 #6
Happened to me in Zabka three days back, near the city centre. And old bill stopped and gave me the once over out the window of a panda yesterday too. I look well dodg'.

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