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Threatened with Firearms in Poland - any law regarding this?

Sylvio 19 | 155
11 Aug 2019 #1
I am a UK dual national of 27 years, living in Poland since 2016. Yesterday 10/08/2019,at around 14:00 I called at my neighbours home. His wife opened the door. I introduced myself and politely asked if I could ask her husband a question about car traffic along our road. Her husband jumped out from behind, started to shout at me the usual Polish vulgarities, and then threatened to shoot me with his firearms. He then, yelling at me, declared his intent to cut down my side of the hedge, and ordered me to leave his yard. That he had a problem with my hedge had not been brought to me before. I reported the matter to Police, since. His name is J.S, and he is known at the Police, Only not sure what manner of acquaintance. On Monday I was asked to call again, to make an appointment to file a complaint. Does anyone know if Poland has laws against threatening citizens with firearms?
jgrabner 1 | 73
11 Aug 2019 #2
sure, Art. 190 Kodeksu karnego. The crime is not particular based on a threat with firearms, but in general any threat that wzbudza w zagrożonym uzasadnioną obawę, so any threat that a normal person would perceive as real danger. It will be investigated if you file a complaint acc. to Art. 190/2.
Mac Sam - | 4
12 Aug 2019 #3
When you go to the police station for testify be sure to write down the statement that you want to prosecute the offender. Such a statement is necessary part of the procedure in criminal law (190 paragraph 2). From my expierience police usually want to discontinue the proceeding. Testify that you are affraid any action of your neighbour and you are stay away from his house becouse of this fear.
OP Sylvio 19 | 155
16 Aug 2019 #4
many thanks for valuable tips!

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