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I am thinking of opening a office (LLC) in Poland!

ascheid 1 | -
26 Apr 2011 #1
Dear Friends,

We have been reviewing the options of opening a LLC in Poland and locating in Warsaw. I am looking for a good accountant to speak to about these matters, small accountant company or individual. We have spoken to a few lawyers already but we like to check all facts from multiple points of view.

I will personally live in Warsaw for min. 2 years while working and managing the company, I am also looking for a nice place for my dog and me to hang our hats. Any and all friendly advice is most welcome. What's life like in Warsaw? How is the cost of living? Can I take my dog to cafes, as I do in other European cities? THank you in advance for your thoughts, Allen
Syllwia - | 1
7 Jun 2011 #2

I represent a company which operate in Warsaw. Our wide range of services include:
companies registration,
work permits,
stay permits etc.
Generally we support foreigners in various fields of activity in Poland, both in terms of private and work-related - employment or own business.
We invite you to cooperation. Please visit our website
By the way, Warsaw life goes fast, people are usually busy and hard-working but on the other hand there're some places when You can find peace and quiet and the beauty of nature, not only enjoys beautiful views but also a wonderful scent. My favourite place in Warsaw is £azienki Park. I know that it's very popular and crowded place but only on weekends. On weekdays, there is very quiet. Unfortunately, dogs have banned from entering. But for You and your dog the best place to take a rest and spend time is Agrykola Park in neighborhood of £azienki Park.A lot of grass and cafes with outdoor dining. I have't heard about the possibility of coming with a dog in other cafes.

good luck,Syllwia
7 Jun 2011 #3
Can I take my dog to cafes, as I do in other European cities? THank you in advance for your thoughts, Allen

There are so many canines in Warsaw, I am not quite sure of the rules in Poland re: dogs in restaurants/cafes, I guess it depends on the size of the dog. There is a area in Warsaw called New Wilanow ( apartments), it is next to Powsin forest and close by Zawady, many good places to go for a walk with a dog, in Powsin there are also places to have a beer and eat from the grill.
horsey - | 3
30 Jun 2011 #4
Don't waste your time unless you are a masochist or enjoy throwing your money out the window daily.
If you do proceed however, please return to this post in 12 months and share your experiences.
ITSolutions - | 2
22 Oct 2011 #5
Dear Syllwia,

I want to register my company in poland, we are a startup and are planing to do it applications, web designing and sms solutions.
Please let us know the following things
1. process to register.
2. opening bank account - can we transact in euro?
3. tax liability if any.
4. costs involved.
5. Total time for the formation.

Please note i am a resident of India and have never visited poland.

Will appreciate your quick revert.

LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
22 Oct 2011 #6
Please note i am a resident of India and have never visited poland.

You should come to Poland in the first place before thinking about throwing your money into the unknown or contact the Polish Chamber of Commerce in India .
vdpvlv 2 | 8
3 Jun 2016 #7
Merged: Looking to register company in Poland


I'm looking to move to Poland next year, me my wife and my kid
(through we are not married), we are all Israeli citizens

As I do understand the best way for us would be a registering company,
can you recommend someone please ? I tried to google it up and there are
many companies providing the registration services... problem is I'm not sure who are
legit and who not

So if you had a positive expiriense in this field , please share with me!


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