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Temporary Resident Permit TRP in Poland - How can I get?

Abid88 1 | 5
23 May 2017 #1
Hello Everyone...first of fall i'm thankful to you all. coming soon i'll come on visit Poland any one kindly tell me how i get RTP-temporary resident permit.

Current i'm living and work in Dubai and i'm from Pakistan. and please let me know in detail about it.
gumishu 13 | 6,144
23 May 2017 #2
if you are outside of the EU you have to have a employer who will prove that they need you to the Polish employment office - I don't know any details though

there is also an option of gaining residence through investment in Poland but I guess you can't afford it
OP Abid88 1 | 5
23 May 2017 #3
gumishu. Ok i want 90 days extension i mean if i get visit visa 2 weeks so how and where i go to the apply for 90 days extension what documents should i have after reach Poland ? any idea anyone ?
gumishu 13 | 6,144
23 May 2017 #4
can't really help you - I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject - what I guess is though it won't be easy for you to get an extension of the visa (it may actually prove impossible) - most people who come to Poland from Asia do so either by finding an employer prior to arriving here or by family unifications (think Vietnamese here)
26 May 2017 #5
@ Abid88 , I am in same position currently now i am in Dubai and travelling to Poland next week ...Please drop me email to communicate further


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