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Taxation of a Freelancer in Poland - list of tributes for the government to pay

29 Nov 2013 #1
Hello All,

one question regarding taxation in Poland as a Freelancer. Working as freelancer all income is deducted by 19% for taxation. On top of that there is ZUS independent of concrete amount of money earned with 350/800 Zloty.

Is there anything in addition or is this the complete list of tributes for the government to pay. Regarding health I have a contract with an European insurance company. So this would be covered in addition. But is it a must according to Polish law?

It would be kind to have some explanations on this. It is hard (or I'm untalented) to find a Polish tax advisor from abroad.

Thx RudeUrm
Monitor 14 | 1,818
29 Nov 2013 #2
here they say:

ZUS is 930zł/month but if it's your first company then for 400zł/month for 2 years. But because ZUS is your expense, it lowers the base for income tax, making cost of ZUS in first 2 years 150zł/month effectively.

they write that income tax is 18%.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
29 Nov 2013 #3
Do you work "na zlecenie" or with "umowa o dzieło".? Both are basically freelance, but the intake is different.Makes a big difference.
OP RudeUrm
29 Nov 2013 #4
Well - unfortunatly my polish is only basic. I have a contract based on working days. Hope that helps. What is the difference?
Monitor 14 | 1,818
29 Nov 2013 #5
I thought that you want to have one person company.
OP RudeUrm
29 Nov 2013 #6
...that's correct. Just me working as freelancer for a UK agency for a UK company in their polish location. Apologies for my missing polish languge skills.
sobieski 106 | 2,118
29 Nov 2013 #7
What is the difference?

If you work on the basis of a "umowa o dzieło", you pay your own ZUS. Basically you get for each assignment a new umowa, and you invoice your customer likewise.
29 Nov 2013 #8
I might have a slightly different situation, so I was hoping someone could answer for me?

I am a British citizen living in Poland with my retired parents. I was living in USA, but lost my job and the unemployment ran out. I moved to Poland for a cheaper place to live, but obviously I need to earn some money.

Does someone know how it would work for me if I was employed by an American company doing remote computer work? I still maintain my USA bank accounts, so I would have my paycheck deposited there. Every so often I could transfer some $$$ over to an as yet unopened Polish bank account or perhaps even withdraw it via debit card.

If I am paying tax to USA, would I still need to pay it to Poland? Technically Poland would never really know about the money I am earning from USA.

I do have medical insurance which I had to get to register in Poland. It is a private plan.

Thank you for any insight.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
30 Nov 2013 #9
If Poland wouldn't know then it's ok.

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