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Tax on Vietnam trade to Poland

teepio 1 | -
1 Apr 2008 #1
I am planning to export some handmade products from Vietnam to Poland. But, I do not know how much tax is put on these products. Hope that you could help me to find out this information.

Very much welcome any reply!

Thanks in advance,
aligator_s - | 77
1 Apr 2008 #2
what are the handmade products?
conechKrongNo - | 2
3 Nov 2011 #3
Merged: Can I bring wine from Poland to Vietnam?

Hello everybody!

I'm student in Poland. Next week I will come back to my country (Vietnam) in a short time. I see Polish-wine is so tasty. Can I bring two or three bottles for my family? My father drinks so well!

Thanks all!

5 Nov 2014 #4
There is a 1.5 litres limit for strong spirits (vodka, rum, etc.) and 3 litres of 'weak' spirits (like beer). I THINK a wine would fall into the weak category, so 3 litres should be fine. If not, prepare to drink a bottle on the spot ;).

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