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Poland tax laws regarding a 2nd job

7 Sep 2019 #1

I have recently started a new, full-time job and I decided to keep my old one as a part-time for a while.

From my experience in England, I know that there, for a 2nd job I'd have to pay different taxes than I'd pay after my 1st salary, not sure about the name of this law, but my question would be if this applies in Poland as well?

I work in offices/home, on computers, in front of monitors.
My main questions would be:

Will there be any extra tax for my 2nd job given other than the usual 18%?
Will I have to pay more ZUS?
Should I be prepared to pay more to the tax office (In April or any given time) other than what I'd pay anyways?
Should I let any/both my employers know that I have two places of work?
Should I let the tax office know?
Will anything change in the documents or information I should provide the tax office with in April?
I will exceed 85.528 PLN by the end of the year due to the multiple employment, will I have to pay the 32% tax over that amount or more?

I am under 26 and will having 2 jobs change anything in the new tax law (That states 0% taxes for whoever is under 26 and under 85.528 PLN)?

Thank you for anyone who answers.

Best Regards,

PS.: According to my calculations, I will exceed the 85.528 PLN very soon. Should I / Is there any way to request my employer to pay 32% taxes from that month until the end of the year, in order so I will not have to pay the full amount in April?

Thank you once again
gumishu 15 | 6,271
8 Sep 2019 #2
Is there any way to request my employer to pay 32% taxes from that month until the end of the year,

according to what I just read on the subject you should let your employer know you want them to deduct higher percentage tax (32) - but the article didn't state if it should be made as a formal note/letter. My wild guess is that telling them and making yourself clear/insisting about it is enough.

if your second job is a free-lance (działalność gospodarcza) you don't have to pay additional ZUS as far as I recall - but if it is a regular employee position further ZUS will be deducted percentage wise

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