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Tax deduction in Poland - joint settlement with spouse

2 Nov 2016 #1
Hi - I have been offered a job in Poland with 11,000 gross. I'm married and i will bring my family (wife and child) with me.

Since i am the only one working in the family will my tax be decreased a little?

I'm using the calculator:

Should i check "joint settlement with spouse"?
When checked, my Net will be: 7,777.63
When not checked, my Net will be: 7,730.63

A difference of 47 pln is precious to me already, every cents counts.

does Poland have tax deduction for every dependents?

thank you for your inputs.
cms 9 | 1,255
2 Nov 2016 #2
yes you should check that - will also save admin time and costs if you make one return and there will be that small saving.

The govt did promise to increase the tax free allowance up to PLN 8.000 which would have given you a much bigger saving. But they announced today they are not going to do that. Maybe some time in the future :)
2 Nov 2016 #3
Thank you so much. @cms - I could not follow this news on increase of tax free allowance. Could you elaborate a little,please?

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