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Tax in Poland?

31 May 2007 #31
Sorry forgot to mention that this is before tax. Not sure how much it'd be after..........
most - | 27
2 Jun 2007 #32
Yes 6000 is reasonable - it is what a lower end chief accountant would get in a Polish owned company in a big town.
15 Jun 2007 #33
How much will I get net for a 9500 PLN salary (After Taxes and ZUS)? How would this be living alone in Krakow?

Also, in rent listings, are the rents usually listed including or excluding utilities? If excluded, how much would it appr. be in addition for a 40m2 apartment?

Lastly, could you give me a price indication on a simple meal incl a drink in a average restaurant (nothing fancy). And how about a month pass for public transport? Are there any other expenses I should be aware of?


hello 22 | 891
15 Jun 2007 #34
How much will I get net for a 9500 PLN salary (After Taxes and ZUS)?

I think your employer pays ZUS, not employee. I think you should get about 7000 PLN after taxes only.
29 Jun 2007 #35

so the tax-% varies between 19-40?
I guess it depends on your earnings, is there any table available
to see how much you need to pay (in -%) with your salary?

Could someone confirm is it you or your company who pays the ZUS?

Thanks in advance!
3 Jul 2007 #36

I'm replying to myself.
There are some links in above, but i don't understand (yet) any Polish.
Could somebody tell me what is the maximum tax + ZUS you might have to
pay from your gross-salary in Poland?

Is it totally 40%? Or could it be even more?
Lady in red
3 Jul 2007 #37
Is that the same as talking to yourself ?

Hope someone can reply with the info you need.
EOS - | 7
12 Jul 2007 #38
A physical person is due to pay 19 % , 30 % or 40 %
if you are a businessman you are due to pay 19 %

18 Jul 2007 #39
In Cracow you can live quite well with that salary -- I'd say salaries are usually much lower on average. A beer (0.5 L) in a pub or terrace in the center costs about 6-7 PLN, similarly for a coffee. An average meal would be something like 30-50 PLN, although you can eat for as low as 10-15 PLN in student bars. Public transportation for a month costs 45 PLN for one line, or 95 PLN for all lines, if I remember correctly -- this includes all the in-town buses and trams. Utilities are not usually included in the price if you are renting the whole appartment, if you rent a room you have to ask. I don't really know how much they are, as mine are included in the price I pay :)
PoznanMan - | 9
14 Aug 2007 #40
Quote Jun 29, 07, 04:54 . #36


so the tax-% varies between 19-40?
I guess it depends on your earnings, is there any table available
to see how much you need to pay (in -%) with your salary?

Could someone confirm is it you or your company who pays the ZUS?

TAX TAX TAX... be very careful

Who are you.. what do you do.. is it a cash profession???
If you are asking questions.. you need an accountant..
...and not all accountants know the Polish new laws that come out every january !!
.not only that.. the Polish government/tax/vat people.. have been known to break EU law by not abiding to EU law..and have been fined !!!

If you run a simple busness can pay 19%... this is what I do - but if you elect for this - you can't split tax with your wife :-).. oh yes.. there are lots and lots of rules/variations ----- choose your questions carefully -- select professional and good advice.

That is all I can advise.. I run a business in Poland, I operate as a contractor to a UK company and I work overseas.. I don't fit the stereotype, so I think I can at least give some advice/words of caution :-)
Qacer 38 | 125
14 Aug 2007 #41
<snip>....Cars cost $16,000 average and gas is $2.80/gallon. Insurance is $100 per month for 2 cars. We have no public transport from where I live to the city, 30 mins away. You have to drive; the fastest way requires you to pay a road toll coming and going of $2.00 each way per car daily and it costs us $180 per month to park one car downtown. <snip>.....

What you are describing almost sounds like the Tampa Bay area. Are you a Tampon as well?
bookratt 6 | 85
14 Aug 2007 #42
Nope, we're 30-35 mins north of Pittsburgh, PA. We rent a townhouse since we can't afford to buy a home, pay taxes and homeowner fees, etc, anywhere near here on one income.

Nice area, nice schools, much nicer than just a few miles south in adjacent Allegheny county. Houses and linked property taxes cost more here, but that's worth it, I guess, for the area. It's pretty and safe, lots of conveniences, some high end shops and restaurants, nice library and township parks, etc. Close to Ohio Turnpike and PA/NY turnpike for travel.

Biggest problem is no public transport (one bus into city in the am, one bus out in pm and on Saturday a bus runs thruout the township, called a shopper special, from one plaza to the other, for 4 hrs only).
14 Aug 2007 #43
Income tax in Poland:

for income up to 37024 a year --- 19% - 530
37024 to 74048 --- 6504 + 30% of the amount over 37048
74048 and up --- 17612 + 40% of the amount over 74048

Standard deduction is 2790.
There are no deductions for dependents, but you can file jointly with your wife.

The amounts above are in zlotys, 1 dollar = 2.7 zloty.

ZUS is comparable to Social Security taxes and health insurance in the US, but not to 401K. It is paid by employer in the same sense as Social Security tax is paid by employer in the US.

As for prices some people tend to think that if the average salary in Poland is about 2300 zlotys per month (about the same as rent for a 2 bedroom apartment in Cracow) everything must be cheaper, "otherwise how could people afford to buy stuff?". The fact is that the structure of prices is different. Local food and services are indeed cheaper. Imported food (like olive oil or oranges) are a little more expensive than in the US. Cars are about 30% more expensive. Median home price in Cracow is about 380000 dollars (cheaper than in the Bay Area in CA, but more than in VA). Life insurance is about 15 times more expensive than in the US.
davidpeake 14 | 451
15 Aug 2007 #44
my god thats alot of tax i might have to pay :(
Ryszard - | 89
15 Aug 2007 #45
Before I begin, some vocabulary:
netto - net income
brutto - gross income... or at least it should be. But it's not, because in fact your employer is forced (by the law) to pay part of employee insurances from his pocket. But from employer point of view it really doesn't matter what employee is doing with his money (or is being forced what to do with them) all he knows is how much this employee cost him.

So brutto as term of polish wage in fact means only some mystical amount of money written on the contract. Don't ask me why is that. It could have sense, if all the insurances were payed automatically by the employee - then the brutto would mean the amount of money being base for income taxation. But it's not the case - there are still another insurances money deducted from your brutto payment before they are finally taxed.

Enough talk, time for example:

Let's say you've signed contract for 6000PLZ/mth (72000PLZ/year) brutto.
As I said before, in fact this is "so called gross income" because your employer will pay you c.a 7236PLZ/mth (86839PLZ/year)

So, let's look at the year balance:

You've earned (your employer payed you) 86839

ZUS (social insurance) - 26474

NFZ (health insurance) - 5121

FP/FGŚP (work insurance) - 1836

INCOME TAX withholdings - 7920

- you've been payed 45487

That's not all. At the end of the year we still have to do tax paperwork... and if we are not entitled to any tax reliefs (there are some, but don't count too much for them) then we have

Total incomings: 45487+7920(inc tax witholdings)=53407
Total tax = (look at slawekk post) 6504+4907=11411
You have to additionaly pay 11141-7920=3491 (yup, this is about your 1 monthly salary, so better be prepared....)

Your final year net income is 42266.
Let me remaind you - you've earned 86839. But you've got only 48,6% of this sum, so you've been 51.4% taxed.
And this is still the begining, because when you live, when you buy whatever you're still paying another taxes (like 22% VAT). Welcome in Poland.
15 Aug 2007 #46
> ZUS is comparable to Social Security taxes and health insurance in the US

Self-correction: ZUS is similar to to Social Security taxes and NFZ to health insurance.

VAT is similar to sales tax in the US. As Ryszard mentioned it is 22% for most goods.

For comparisons of taxation level in different countries use your favourite search engine with keywords taxing wages OECD.
dbart22 2 | 15
15 Aug 2007 #47
what does 1000 us does equal in polish money(what is it called anyway.)
Marius 1 | 33
20 Aug 2007 #48
a good and up-to-date website to get exchange rates is:

good luck!
pbatista - | 1
6 Mar 2008 #49
Do you know this website?

Do you think it calculates it properly??
I tried with a gross salary of 3000zl/month, it says the net salary would be 1863.91zl/month, which means 38% of taxes a month!! For a low salary!

Well, for what you've said in the previous posts it seems absurd... Isn't it???
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
6 Mar 2008 #50
Please also bear in mind that because the salary is taxed as "brutto" (i.e. with all national insurance still added), at the end of the year you deduct the ZUS you had paid that year from the tax payable for that year. Sometimes this means you actually get a refund, sometimes it just means that you don't have to pay extra. Unless this has changed very recently (since last year).
7 Mar 2008 #51
Well, for what you've said in the previous posts it seems absurd... Isn't it???

It is.. That is why people people over 50 years of age are on retirement funds and on sickness payment. The pension attracts some 850zl a months. The average Polish worker earns some 1500zl a month which is about 950zl clear. It doesn't pay to work best be on pension. People say the average wage is 3000zl a month (true) because the rich business man earns heeps and this ups the average. Average wage is a misleading figure. Polish people lie about what they earn, you ask a person in a group what they earn and each one outbeats the other. People in Poland struggle a lot, and people who think getting a good job in Poland is easy, think again. A lot of foreign companies are coming to Poland only because they can get cheap labour.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
22 Mar 2008 #52
To supplement the other one
vqman - | 2
11 Nov 2008 #53
Hey tax guru's

I'm considering a job with an American company for $90,500 USD per year in Bydgoszcz. I'd be a contractor for a French Company.

They are telling me that I don't have to pay American Taxes because i will be out of the U.S.A. for more than 330 days of a full year.

They are also telling me I won't have to pay Polish income taxes. Can anyone imagine a way they'd get around me having to pay taxes? I don't quite believe them. However I have worked for this company in the past and they didn't screw me over in the past.

However, they have told me that overtime pay is straight-time, meaning they won't pay 1.5 times my hourly rate for anything over 40 hours, just 1 times my hourly rate. Also, I thought U.E. rules said holiday pay is 2 times your normal hourly rate..

Keep in mind I'd be paid by an American company, who is contracting for a French company, and I'd be working in Bydgoszcz.

many thanks!

any help would be GREATLY appreciated
tygrys 3 | 295
12 Nov 2008 #54
Maybe French taxes?
And you're considering? Man, even when they tax you, that is a looooot of dough!
3 May 2010 #55
Hi, I'd like to buy a notebook in UK, from ebay, and ask to be shipped to Poland, where I'm going to live. Is there any import tax I have to pay? How is it done and how much? Thanks!!
internaldialog 4 | 145
4 May 2010 #56
No you dont pay an import tax it is just sent as normal in post
19 Apr 2011 #57

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