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Starting a charity/foundation in Poland

Aussiechick 2 | 7
17 May 2012 #1
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know the steps in creating a charity/ foundation here? I am unable to read Polish inorder to find out and before I discuss it all with family here, thought someone here may be able to help.

I am passionate about helping people who have a disability and know there is a tremendous need for improvement here, so I am on a mission to raise funds and to try to make a change. I am an Australian with a Polish background, I have a registered company, but registered in Australia so not sure if this would be of any help.

Please take the time to check my link and spread the word if you can. And if anyone would like to join me in on this the more the merrier. I am in Poland for the next 2 years with a lot of spare time on my hands so really wanting to give this a go. Why not? One can only ask and try :)

Thank You,



Merged: Anyone with a heart of gold and wants to be a part of this?

Want to join me on a journey to raise $450,000 which is ONLY $5 from 90,000 people. It's all for the building of a respite house for people with disabilities in Poland, to help families have a break in care. I just asked Donald Trump & Richard Branson on Twitter for their help , still awaiting for their reply. ;) But beautiful Joanna Krupa did retweet my message and said how sweet the the thought is.

Please check out the below. ( hope I am not breaking any site regulations by posting a link- but it is for a good cause :)

17 May 2012 #2
Sylvia, my heart of gold only extends thus far: I recommend putting a picture of a sad, beleaguered disabled person, preferably young and dressed in rags on your website. Not a hot chick with a gleaming smile and dangling earrings. It would tug at more heartstrings, I think. But good luck on your journey.
17 May 2012 #3
Joanna send me a copy of the prospectus on how you intend to use the money, furthermore if this is a foundation in Poland inform us, if not that is the first stage, feel free to contact me by PM .

OP Aussiechick 2 | 7
17 May 2012 #4
haha thanks Jason for the compliment-ish :p and for taking the time in checking the profile out. Well the profile is mine, so a picture of me it is - I'd like to think I have a trust worthy face. :) More often than not people look away when a photo is showing something not so pleasing to the eye, so who knows maybe a 'hot chick' will bring more awareness. But I am planning to take some suitable photos around Gdansk when I can, to add to the profile.


beckski 12 | 1,611
17 May 2012 #5
wants to be a part of this?

I think I'll pass at participating in this grand opportunity!
OP Aussiechick 2 | 7
17 May 2012 #6
Hello Warszawski

Thank you for your message and interest. I plan to create a foundation in Poland for this, however at this stage I am unfamilar with the process. I will email you via PM tomorrow with plan of my intent.


calgaryimmig - | 7
22 May 2012 #7
wow. this is a good thing..
God bless u all people for being good :)
danikapolish - | 1
6 Feb 2013 #8
aussiechick, are you still in Poland working on this?

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