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Are there social benefits for foreign families living in Poland?

Luhana 2 | 6
21 Sep 2014 #1

I am planning to settle my family while I complete my studies, however I am student with limited income, and want to know is there any government benefits / social facilities for families like schools for children under age 5, some discounts in accommodations or health benefits.
johnny reb 31 | 6,378
21 Sep 2014 #2
Doesn't your husband work ?
OP Luhana 2 | 6
21 Sep 2014 #3
this is poor husband asking to settle family :D
johnny reb 31 | 6,378
21 Sep 2014 #4
Oh, sorry,
Sounds like it may not be in your budget at the moment to be able to complete your studies at this time.
With you and your wife both working it shouldn't take long before it is possible however.
Wroclaw Boy
21 Sep 2014 #5
It must be extremely difficult trying to earn a decent living in such a poor country. Poland does not have any social system which will be able to benefit you or your family im afraid.
Pani A 2 | 28
21 Sep 2014 #6
isnt there some healthcare discounts atleast for children with their pesel number? Sorry, I'm not really sure how it works. Does Poland not have student Loans?
jon357 69 | 18,445
21 Sep 2014 #7
Not for new arrivals from outside the EU, except in the most exceptional cases. If children are involved, the attention that may attract could well be something you don't want. Grants for study are usually pre-arranged and under very strict conditions.
OP Luhana 2 | 6
23 Sep 2014 #8
Thanks for your view. I had googled found this interesting link But due to Polish text I could not get properly
terri 1 | 1,665
23 Sep 2014 #9
This website states that for Families with 3 or more children there may be discounts/benefits.
Krakowksa Karta Rodzinna - Krakow Family Card - allows you to have discounts to certain facilities.
However, reading the forms you have to complete in order to get the card, one requirement is that you must work and submit your tax papers within the bounds of Krakow, there are many other requirements.

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