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Setting up small business in Poland?

19 May 2008 #31
Hi I am on my way to poland and want to start a bussiness so i can work to .
What must I do.
Please email me at :
12 Jul 2008 #32
brother can u plz tell me how to apply to study in poland.....and whats the benefits to study in poland?
30 Sep 2008 #33
i want to start a small business between uk and pl i have a small farm and will be driving back and forth to pl what if anythng? would be good to use these trips to earn moneyu from any ideas from anyone??

i also have storage maybe for distriibution any small buisinees person interested?

are there any traders or small buisness persons who might want to see if we could do trade in someform or other ie; send and distribute to grow there buisness in uk or any sujestions welcomed.
narnaare there
30 Sep 2008 #34
are there any sujestions or persons with any idea as to a good smallbusiness to start of with or anyone who needs a base in uk. say for distribution or somthing of the like?
30 Sep 2008 #35
coluld someone please tell me the best place to to look for apolish business wanting small storage in uk
11 Oct 2008 #36
Hi Krzysztof100,

I am looking to set up a limited liability company in Poland. I need to be able to do it quickly. Can you help?
What would your cost be?
11 Nov 2008 #37
hi i am from Poland. I'm interested in set up small comany in my counttry. I'm looking for some investor who wants set up comapny in Poland also.pls contact me. e mail:
johnmattew 1 | 4
19 Nov 2008 #38
sure just read this site where u can find the answers
all the best...
LondonChick 31 | 1,133
20 Nov 2008 #39
sure just read this site where u can find the answers

The answers to which questions? As far as I can see the original poster never asked about pyramid marketing...
djkagency - | 1
22 Nov 2008 #40
Hi there
are you English?
if so then set up the company as limited in the united Kingdom and trade in Poland
tax can either be paid at source in Poland or if you still have a residenceship in England then tax can be paid there.
I will be in Krakow from 27th November for five days let me know if you would like to meet
25 Nov 2008 #41
I am US citizen, non polish looking to open Macdonald frachise in Poland, city of Krakow or Warsaw? Does anyone have any idea, how much of the investment I am looking for? Reply will be greatly appreciated!! Eric
Asha_D - | 1
26 Nov 2008 #42

If you like I can help you with it since I know the country very well.

Please send me a list of specific questions and I will try to do my best to answer then ASAP

armada - | 4
26 Nov 2008 #43

To set up an Sp.zo.o company should not cost more than 4000PLN.

I had ridiculous quotes (inc £5000 yes pounds from Warsaw firm)

You don't need lawyer, only notary & certified translator.

I've now done it 3 times setting up 3 businesses. Don't let anyone con you into thinking that it's complicated or difficult.


mr_wilson - | 1
3 Dec 2008 #44
I went to an accounting firm (ADAC) in Krakow and they informed me it was no problem to open a business in Poland as a Canadian citizen. They wanted 1.800,00 zl to register a small Ltd. com, which was reasonable. The cost I found to be high was the monthly paperwork which was quoted at 800,00. Paperwork is so thorough in Poland that I'm sure they do a lot of work for the money. I'm just used to a much more simple system back home. Many locals recommended I open the business in another Eu country. The paper burden, cost, and taxes are much lower.

I ended up opening a personal bank account, as a business account was hard to get without a Polish business. It's possible, but the paperwork and documents required was extensive.
venug - | 2
21 Jan 2009 #45
Hello All,
Is it possible to be a tourist and open a business here in Poland?
I am an Engineer, in order to work in Poland, I need a work permit, but a lot of companies which were willing to hire me didn't want to go through the process of applying for a permit.

The big companies which do this are currently not hiring.
Please advice.

shelly 1 | 45
17 Feb 2009 #46
hi im moving to poland and im thinking about opening a petrol station for business i dont no what it is like over there for business so i was hopeing that someone could tell me?
19 Feb 2009 #47
hi i've been in business in poland for 3 yrs now and if you email me any questions i will try to help you as best i can.

i am Britishso i can tell you so off the problems that i have came across.

email: charlespottinger@hotmail

please put Ref business in poland as i delete emails with no ref....

5 Mar 2009 #48
We can help with business set up in Poland. We start with choosing the best legal form and do ALL necessary authorities duties -> preparing deed of associations, registration to court, socials, tax, VAT, etc. If asked, we help with search for the office and negotiate with suppliers (bank, landlord, furniture, telecom, mobiles, computers, etc.). Additionally, we can help searching for employees, contractors, partners. We have over one year experience of cooperations with foreign companies -> reference letters can be provided on demand.

When everything is established, we provide monthly accounting and payroll (Polish and EU standards). We HIRE certified tax advisor, book keeper and cooperate with commercial law applicants.

We are based in Wroclaw and operate throughout the Poland.

We can be contacted by e-mail:
swimmedia - | 4
11 Mar 2009 #49
Thread attached on merging:
Exactly what do I need to even START setting up a business in Poland?

I've been living in Poland for a little over 3 years. I'm British, and now I'm trying to set up a business.

Now I know what type of business I want to set up, and the process involved, but when I went to the Urzad Miasta they told me I needed to be registered at an address.

I should say here that since I've been in Poland I have not registered myself in any way. I did work for a school here and they paid my tax against my passport number (or at least they said they did). So, I have no NIP, no PESEL, no Meldunek, no nothing!

So, I went to the office with my girlfriend - with whom I live - to get registered at my address. The woman asked how ling I'd been here, we told the truth, and she said 'you're here illegally, and I can't register you'.

So my basic questions at this point are:

1) What should I do to get myself registered at my address? Should I just go there again and lie, saying I got off the plane yesterday.

2) What documents do I need for myself to start the process of registering a company?

Any advice will be very warmly received!!
delphiandomine 87 | 18,086
12 Mar 2009 #50
1) What should I do to get myself registered at my address? Should I just go there again and lie, saying I got off the plane yesterday.

All you need to do is go to the Urzad Miasta with the owners of the property and your passport. It's quite painless - in theory. The reality is that many owners of flats won't register you for whatever reason - some out of fear that they won't be able to remove you, some because they don't want anyone to find out that they're renting the flat out. If you own it, then it should be much easier.

When you go there, simply tell them that you arrived a few days ago. There's absolutely no way of checking (last four entries into the Schengen zone, I've simply had a quick look at the passport, no scans/etc) when you actually entered Poland for them - so don't worry about that.

I would talk to the tax office about you having paid taxes. It's quite likely that they didn't pay taxes for you at all - although it is possible that they did, it would seem quite likely that they were simply pocketing the 19% or whatever for themselves.
simren - | 8
26 Mar 2009 #51
oh ,open company in Poland is very nice ,wish everyone is going on well
love_sunil80 14 | 127
18 Apr 2009 #52
I am indian and I would like to open a company. I would like to know what kind of company should i Open so that I can live and do business in poland. What is investment, how much taxes we need to pay every month,how much capital do i need to have to start business.
LondonChick 31 | 1,133
18 Apr 2009 #53
Surely the experience / skills / resources would determine the type of business that you set up. Also, I get the impression that you are not currently in Poland - have you even got the paperwork / visas etc. that you would need?
kastanedowski 1 | 13
18 Apr 2009 #54
You can do it yourself....

cheap things are normally bad quality
nice things normally are taking time
good services are normally expensive

I can offer you in 30 working days to have your company fully working, if you need accounting we can do it also,logistic and warehouse in the center of Poland

contact me ,I speak 5 languages


check the company for my company ID: NIP 666 203 4917
27 Apr 2009 #55
If you need any help in Warsaw I can support you with the process of creating LTD company.
It is very important to have a well done AoA. Whole support should not cost more than the lowest price mentioned in the posts below. If you would be intrested below you can find my details.

Skype: javieross

17 Sep 2009 #56
Hi There; I am looking contact with people who have set up business in poland recently; I am looking myself to set up a LTD company and just would like some information about the business culture in Poland, what pitfalls to avoid and info about any Government assistance. Many Thanks
29 Sep 2009 #57
please can u help. i want setup business in poland guide me please
gregor - | 38
29 Sep 2009 #58


I can help you by setting up a business in Poland.
If you wish contact me please:
29 Sep 2009 #59
If you need help in Lower Silesia or Wroclaw, visit my website and go through "ask the expert" link. BreslauBart
Zosia 1 | 51
7 Oct 2009 #60
Oct 8, 09, 00:13 - Thread attached on merging:
starting up a business

Just out of curiosity, what does it take to start up a business in Poland? how much money do you need? can you get a loan or a grant? what kinds of businesses are more popular in Poland?

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