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Setting up small business in Poland?

16 Aug 2006 #1
Does anyone have any links for setting up a small business in Poland. I've googled it but am just confusing myself more and more.

If I was just wanting to set up a business to teach english (i.e. I'd be the only employee) how would I go about it?
16 Aug 2006 #2
Do you need business to teach English..?
bolo 2 | 304
16 Aug 2006 #3
I don't think you need to set up business - at least at the beginning. The fees are very high (especially when you hire a worker - ZUS fee). So try it out first and when it pans out, you can set it formally...
16 Aug 2006 #4
Bolo, simon wrote he'd be the only emploee :). I think you can find most forms here:

(they are in Polish only though).
16 Aug 2006 #5
Basicly in your case you have the option of registering in the business register - or - I don`t know why it hasn`t been mentioned on that site (perhaps this form of business is no longer valid - but I see no reason why it shouldn`t be valid) - there is a so called "one partner civil partnership"..

..those are the basic forms of business - and those kind of companies don`t require any large capital or any sophisticated knowelege about accounting - however their bad side is that as a (sole) partner in such a company you`d have to pay PIT - which is bad - as well as you if you`d become insolvent - your debt would be executed from your personal property (or your wifes property).

..If you have enough capital, as well as economic knowledge you can also set up a Limited Liability Company - this type of company is perfect for people who don`t like paying taxes - and want to really expand their business as well as feel secure about their presonal property in case they would become insolvent - But this is much more complicated and, if you want, for the start I would recomend you to start up something more simple.
OP simon_porter00
16 Aug 2006 #6
Cheers for the comments guys,

Basically the idea behind the business is this:
The school(s) that I work for would employ me as a contractor rather then an employee as a result the contract I sign with them largely becomes a matter between myself and the school.

In terms of getting a mortgage I could present the businesses accounts as proof of regular income and hopefully, will have a better chance of securing a mortgage.

The other advantage of setting myself up as a business is that companies could emplo me directly as I would be able to invoice them - better for them then cash in hand.

The missus studies law, i'll get her on the case, but if anyone has any comments on what I've just written please feel free to comment - and if you're in Krakow, i'll buy you a beer!
9 Jan 2007 #7
lokking at setting up a business as well. It is such a challenge when you dont speak polish...
davidpeake 14 | 451
9 Jan 2007 #8
hi simon, i'm an aussie guy working in Poland, also with my wife we set up a company, which then allows me to work, if you have any questions, just email me.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
9 Jan 2007 #9
SP... my understanding is that you wouldnt need to set up a business in order to do what you want... you would just have to register yourself as selfemployed... do the paper work... pay the costs... and there you are...
13 Feb 2007 #10
Hi all, I ve recently moved to Czestochowa, and Im having a really hard time trying to find out the costs of starting a one man buisness?, does anyone happen to know ? I d be gratful of any help at all...... my email is mjm150@hotmail. Thankyou
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
13 Feb 2007 #11
depends what you mean as a one man business... a sole trader or an actual business... costs vary...
28 Mar 2007 #12
Im Daiana Campbell from Argentina and i need some information for a management project at school, i want to know if poland is a good country to set up a business, and im searching for a country to locate my company. So that information that i need is connected with their country risk and the economic situation of poland in the market.

can you help me ?.
i wait for your answer...


Daiana Campbell

Sorry but i forgot some questions such us how is the competence there , whats products polish people consume , their likes and dislikes , if the society is very fragmentated .


Jim Reilly
3 Apr 2007 #13
Hello, (To Wujek_Dobra_Rada)
I am Mr. Jim Reilly, I was Impressed with your reply to(?) regarding Options Biz Poland
Aug. 16, 06! It looks like you might know what your talking about? Where are you physically located in Poland Geographically. I am interested in setting up a biz to Pre

Qualify young (College/University) Students who wish to further their study's by working in America, Preferable the Western United States Region. Nevada/California.
contact me by E-Mail at angelicaviation@yahoo
crasyman77 11 | 37
4 Apr 2007 #14
HI. I am getting married to a polish woman and wish to open a business here in poland. I am from malta. I own a mattress factory in malta and we also do curtains and quilts, bedspreads for all sectors. I would like to find a person that has good contacts with hotels in poland maybe we can sell something to them. I will share my profits with this person that get good contacts
away guy 10 | 343
4 Apr 2007 #15
Poland has o many rules and laws buddy forget about opening a business hahahaha
groovyg 3 | 70
18 Jun 2007 #16
guys i would greatly appreciate your help on confirming this and helping with the details.

if i come from a non-european country and i want to open a single person business in poland. for example, i want to offer my freelance services as a web programmer here, or something similar.

after looking at the, i understand that the most feasible option i have is to open a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

in which case, mainly i should prove i have 50K PLN at my disposal (deposit them at a polish bank etc.), and be able to pay certain fees/taxes every month.

- are there any other initial or ongoing requirements that i am not aware of?
- do you guys know how much fixed fees i have to pay every month (meaning, suppose i have no income from the business, how much do i still have to pay every month)?

i would greatly appreciate the help, feel free to PM also.

all the best
13 Jul 2007 #17
I don't see why you can't just create a business in your home country stipulate that the laws of your country will be controlling, and stipulate to the forum and venue (Court).
EOS - | 7
13 Jul 2007 #18
I am involved in setting up businesses in Poland so if you need my assistance please contact me directly.

24 Jul 2007 #19
Hi, I'm thinking about opening a language school in Warsaw, did you get all the forms and paperwork translated into English? How long did it take to actually get started? How much did you have to pay out for the registration etc.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506
24 Jul 2007 #20
edmich - i dont want to put you off or dampen your dreams but language schools are a muggs game and the market is flooded - you would need a niche and i would try to operate without premises if you can...
2 Aug 2007 #21

I am Canadian Citizen and hold Polish work visa; can you please tell me if I can register a business in Poland as a private owner of the company?

Thanks for your help!
papin - | 2
22 Aug 2007 #22
Hi,im an international student here in warsaw,i am interested in ur stuff.
my id is ndu_ify4real@yahoo
olgadab - | 1
8 Sep 2007 #23
Hi , My name is Olga, I am looking for information for a friend of mine who wants to start his business, a restuarant and I want to partner him, what is the kind of investment he should be showing to start this? Also, does that mean, he will automatically be eligible for work permit/visa? Thanks... looking forward for some information.
sunder - | 1
8 Sep 2007 #24
hey Olga,,, write to me, I will give you more details, what do you do?
ahiru - | 2
17 Nov 2007 #25
dear all,

I've just joined this forum, in order to ask my questions. I might repeat similar questions which might have been already discussed. ( in that case, please forgive me)

I am interested in opening my own individual business status in Poland.
(There is already a Polish company from which I will get projects.)

My questions are

1. as non-Polish (I am Japanese), is there any way to set up a small business with small fee like (Ewidencja działalności gospodarczej)?

2. if yes, what would be the expected fee after establishing the business (monthly tax, etc)?

3. if no (to the #1), what would be the other way to set up an individual business with minimum costs?

If there is anyone who had same situations and already figured it out, would you mind sharing your experiences, please?

thanking all of you in advance,

Krzysztof100 - | 20
19 Nov 2007 #26
1. non- european citizens can estabilish sole propietorship (ewidencja działalności gospodarczej) bussiness only if they have permit of settlement or asylum
2. Sole propietor need to pay social security (ZUS) fee abt 800 zł every month, 19% income tax and VAT
3. Without permit You are able only to create corporation and it costs at least few thousens złotych

I'm a lawyer, so I can send some more details (but pls don't misuse my offer)
I can also assist in estabilishig a bussines or any investment
ahiru - | 2
20 Nov 2007 #27
hello, Mr. Krzysztof,

Thank you for the information.
I am checking how I will be able to work with the company, from two points of view. 1. to be hired or 2. to open my small business.

It seems, I should check more about the 1st case.


Krzysztof100 - | 20
22 Dec 2007 #28
Your question is so open tha immosibly to anwer.
do you want to know:
How estabish a bussines (registation, taxes, etc)
import/export regulations
market relations prices, etc?

I'm a professional lawyer and I can give You some information and advices or help estabish a bussines. Send me PM or post your e-mail
Alinewaz - | 1
8 Jan 2008 #29
hi i am interested to invest in poland.looking for patrner who can assist me setting up a business in poland. partner can share profit without investing mony. is there anybody who is honest, expert in small business pls contact me.

Angry Duck - | 28
8 Jan 2008 #30
But please not another kebab restaurant. There are other opportunities to invest in, even in food bizz.

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