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Setting up a Post Box in Poland

Naltima 1 | 2
20 Sep 2012 #1

Does anybody know if I can set up a P.O. Box in Poland if I'm not a Polish resident and do not reside in the country? If it helps to answer the question, I'm a U.S. citizen that resides primarily in Ukraine.
MoOli 9 | 480
20 Sep 2012 #2
Try mail boxes etc,they have stores in warsaw I saw and cpl of other cities check there site out MBE poland.I dont know about the post office but I surely have seen them in warsaw main post office.How to get them and there requirements like residence etc for security purpose I wouldnt know.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
5 Mar 2013 #3
also check this topic

use google translate if needed
OP Naltima 1 | 2
5 Mar 2013 #4
Thanks! I appreciate your help. I looked through the thread you linked to and it looks like this will be much harder than I thought.
MBE - | 1
30 Dec 2013 #5
Hey you can obtain such service at Mail Boxes Etc. it is a World Wide company and has stores also in Poland. (4 locations in Warsaw)

Visit w w and choose your desired location and contact them via email. They are speciallized in renting mail boxes, you can even register your company in Poland under their address.

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