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Sending money in USD from Poland to China

xin 2 | 1
27 Aug 2013 #1
I am going to set up a small importing company in Poland. I need to send USD to China regularly to buy the stuff. What is the cheapest and safest option for this kind of money transfer? Is there any service similar to HiFx in the UK?
1 Sep 2013 #2
What is the cheapest and safest option for this kind of money transfer?

Set up a bank account (in USD) in a Polish bank and send money transfer for cheap.
Jean0007 1 | 9
11 Apr 2019 #3

How can I get my money in China?

I have a polish citi bank card. I applied for it because I went to Krakow on business. Now I had returned to China, but I still have some monry in the polish bank card. I wonder how can I get the money in Chinese bank?
jon357 69 | 18,344
11 Apr 2019 #4
Transfer via online banking.
Velund 1 | 476
11 Apr 2019 #5
How about simply spending it for everyday activity paying by that card? Hope it is not about millions?
11 Apr 2019 #6
I believe, as suggested, you can use this card to make an online purchase or transfer to another bank online (purchase may be cheaper depending on bank transfer fees).
Jean0007 1 | 9
12 Apr 2019 #7
I tried to transfer online,however, it needs the code sending to the registered phone number. The registered phone number is not my regular number used in China...
terri 1 | 1,665
12 Apr 2019 #8
If you have access to your on-line banking, you can go and change the phone number then you will get a code on your phone and then do the transfer.
jon357 69 | 18,344
12 Apr 2019 #9
I've had that problem with phone numbers for accounts (and have it now). It isn't always possible to change the number.

One leftfield possibility. If it's a debit card rather than a credit card, use it to buy some gold (it doesn't have to physically leave the vendor) and then sell it with the funds going back to the account of your choice. It will incur a small loss, however it should be doable.

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