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Sending annual documents to KRS (National Court Registry) online in Poland

Moonlighting 31 | 234
2 May 2019 #1

This year, again changes when it comes to registering your Poland-located company's annual documents.

I'm speaking here for a sp. z o.o.

I signed the usual 3 documents electronically and sent them in Xades format for free to KRS using their website.
I received e-mail notifications form their server, confirming that my documents are in their repository.
But afterwards, nothing. When I extract the PDF file containing informations about my company, there are no new additions registered by the court, and I did that on March 29th.

Is it normal that it takes so long to treat it, or did I forget to do something ?

A week after sending the documents, I went in person to the court to register a change of address (only the street and postcode - the "siedziba" address does not change because it's still the same "miejscowość"), that costs 350 PLN, and 2 weeks later the address change was visible in the online KRS extract. So, at least for this operation, everything is OK.

Are you in the same situation for a sp. z o.o. this year?
3 May 2019 #2
How long did it take the last time; did you use the same online registration method? Email should say the maximum processing time.
OP Moonlighting 31 | 234
3 May 2019 #3
Last time, I couldn't use the free way because my PESEL was not in my profile, so I had to use the other way which costs 140 PLN, still an online procedure but however a different path on their website (the older interface).

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