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How to search for Businesses & Services in Poland?

dzanimalik - | 1
22 Jul 2010 #1
hi dear I was i Malaysia 3years in Kuala Lumpure . Now a days I am in poland Rzeszow if you want some one who help you i will give you my best freiend s nummer he lived in kuala lumpure . here is is his nummer 006 0193609488 Ali his name 006 0162224721 Alisha Chow his wife and my teacher when you will call them say them malik was give me your nummer .. thay will help you to find cheaper miaszkanie and thay have kontact some of polish people in malaysia .. i haope you will enjoy travel to malaysia .. have good time bye
21 Aug 2010 #2
Hi, I'm coming to Malaysia (Georgetown) in late September 2010. Let me know if you're still there :)

aska_n - | 1
26 Aug 2010 #3
hello guys!

my name is asia and im goint to kl in november. im planning to stay there like 1 year but will see if its possibile. i hope so. i have some question for U guys, who been there yet. i have some doubts and im a little bit affraid of.

so.. i wanted to have a job there, but when i was serching job through internet i found the note, that in unlawful to employ the person, who has not a visa with permission to work. so, i dont have and im trying to contact with embassy but they propably not ;] how was with U and with your visa ? did U received it from the embassy before going ? i know that i can go for 3 month without visa, but its happens, that on the airport they wanted to show them a ticket back. did U have this situation like that ? what should i do ? infact, these doubts making me sick. could U help and advice me ?

i would be grateful for your help!

agsic - | 1
12 Oct 2010 #4
Hi, I'm coming to Malaysia (Georgetown) in late September 2010. Let me know if you're still there :)

Hi Dorota,
Yes, I arrived in KL and live here now.
How are you?How is Penang.

Please send me PM if you want to stay in touch.
Mile widziany jezyk polski :)))

OP Kazikowski 17 | 101
2 Sep 2011 #5
In Australia we have Yellow Pages for example. But what do Poles use to search for tradies, businesses, services and the like? If I want to hire a gardner for example, where do I find him? and whats the most popular search medium in Poland?

Kind Regards,
pawian 200 | 21,070
3 Sep 2011 #6
To the best of my memory, first Polish yellow pages in directories were available in late 1990s.
OP Kazikowski 17 | 101
3 Sep 2011 #7
What about these days? I guess most people find what they want through Google or word of mouth. But surely there's a business/services portal for Poland?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
3 Sep 2011 #8
But surely there's a business/services portal for Poland?

yellow pages is online (panorama)
18 Nov 2011 #9
I am Malaysian studying in Warsaw Poland. How is everyone's life in Malaysia? I hope everything is great. Ill be in Malaysia during summer July - September 2011.
21 Feb 2012 #10
Justyna, przylatuję do KL w najblizszą sobotę. Co powiesz na spotkanie? Jakby co daj znać na Pozdrawiam i do zobaczenia...:)

Post in English please
2 Apr 2012 #11
hi, i am new in KL, just arrived a week ago and am planning to stay for a year or so.. dont know much about KL and would love to meet up if anyone other Polish people are here. hope to hear from you soon have a great day ;)

ema333 at hotmail
24 Jul 2012 #12
hello, I'm a Malaysia, was in Boleslawiec for 2 years and i can speak a little polish. I'm intrested in getting in touch with some local polish people in KL.

Male, 25 y old. based in Kuala Lumpur

Do email me or text me...

email : parammad(at)gmail

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