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Resident permit Poland as a non-EU national

7 Jan 2013 #1
If someone has a resident permit from an EU-country (as non-EU national) and this person wishes to move to Poland (work), can he apply for a Karta Pobytu after entering Poland? Or should it be from the polish embassy in the country where he is living?... or probably both?
gumishu 13 | 6,144
7 Jan 2013 #2
as far as I know you need to start applying for a residence permit from scratch - if you are offered a job in Poland I think it's safe to come here and apply from within Poland by contacting a branch of Urząd do Spraw Cudzoziemców which are located in every seat of voievod.
14 Jun 2014 #3
Merged: Question about Resident Permit in Poland - is it linked to the period of Work Permit?


I am Non-EU citizen and I am waiting for the Work Permit to be issued in order to go to Poland, I can move to Poland without Visa or RP as I have French resident card.

My question is linked to the Work Permit (Karta Pobytu) that I will have to apply to once I will be in Poland: For how long It will be valid ?

I tried to find the answer but I am not sure if the Karta Pobytu is linked to the period of Work Permit or if it is for 2 years (In all the websites I checked in, they talk about 2 years) !!?

Thank you for helping me to answer to this doubt.
15 Jun 2014 #4
Yes. Duration of your temporary resident permit will depend on the period of work permit. The maximum you can get is 3 years permit, but if your work is for 2 years, you'll get residence permit for 2 years.

Here are all the details you would like to know yet: temporary-residence-permit.html

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