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Need residence permit in Lithuania - I'm from Poland

SamuelJimmy 1 | -
24 Sep 2017 #1
Hello all,
I'm from Poland, but I want to open my business in Lithuania. Maybe you know how can I get a Lithuanian residence permit? I really need it as soon as possible. I just found one company: but I know less about them. Do you? All advices will be really helpful.
Lyzko 45 | 9,426
24 Sep 2017 #2
Such things can be damned tricky, particularly when dealing with Kremlinist bureaucrats, typically used to bribing their way along! Bring along lost of hard cash (preferrably dollars), if you can!

I take it then you speak some Russian, Lithuanian being such a minority language, and English largely non-existant, except perhaps certain areas of the
hospitality industry:-)
cms 9 | 1,255
24 Sep 2017 #3
I did this last year. If it is a UAB then you do not need to be a resident, no longer have to do the Lithuanian exam and you can buy one off the shelf - but quite expensive if you want that quickly. Could be about 5000 Euro.

If it is a branch office then you have two routes - become a resident your self or employ of Lithuanian. No idea how to sort your residence out I'm afraid.
kaprys 3 | 2,249
24 Sep 2017 #4
If you are an EU citizen you are allowed to stay in Lithuania for 90 days. You need a residence permit after that and you can apply for it if you're employed or self-employed there. Have you been there for over 90 days?

Lyzko, fyi Lithuania is in the EU and their currency is euro ...

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