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What requirements are needed to set up a street trading business in Poland

PADDYTR 2 | 19
29 May 2011 #1
What requirements are needed to set up a street trading business in poland

1/ licence fees- can they be obtained yearly ,quarterly etc. (is there a licence needed at all, i know in holland it is free as long as its not food)?

2/what costs are involved?

3/ is there a difference in obtaining a licence for food products as opposed to non food products?

4/ can your business be mobile(if i have a food stall and business is slow in one place can i move it to a more lucrative spot) without paying extra costs?

5/ is there any tax incentives/differences for a street trader compared to what is classed as a small business, or are they in the same classification?

All opinions/advice/information/experiences appreciated .
16 Oct 2014 #2
It's best to start out without any formalities; after a couple of months you know if it's going to work out or not. If you start with formal fees and documents you'll give up too soon. That's how it works in Poland; test out things first ;)
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
16 Oct 2014 #3
Well, I think the City Guards or other officials here would pay a visit fairly quickly. I've certainly seen them do that here when they see it's a commercial enterprise. I know that the grandmothers selling stuff from their allotments seem to be allowed to set up stall near the main junctions where they sit on the floor or small stools, but I don't think that policy applies to businessmen.
jon357 63 | 15,107
20 Oct 2014 #4
It depends what you're selling and what else you do (farmers can sell fruit and veg on the street relatively easily, even if they get it from the wholesaler as most do) and also whether the street (in Warsaw anyway) is on a bus route or not (different agencies are responsible for different sorts of street). You also need to register the business in a normal way.

I did all the paperwork once and it was just like setting up any other business except you also have to submit (professional) map drawings of the place you want to trade from.
21 Oct 2014 #5
Merged: What documents are needed to work as a street vendor e.g mobile bagel cart in Poland?

Opening a business on wheels
Good day! at the opening of business on wheels, such as Krakow carts with bagels. What documents are needed, permission to a mobile unit on wheels could work on the square and in other places

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