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Registering Residence in Poland for a Polish Citizen

Pole2015 1 | 9
10 Jun 2018 #1
I'm a Polish citizen with a Polish passport, how do I go about registering residency in Poland? how long does it take and what is the procedure? How many days of the year do I need to reside there?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,611
11 Jun 2018 #2
I don't think you need a zameldowanie if youre a citizen and have a pesel number... I just got a dowod osobisty. Went to a regional government office (urzad miasta) filled out 1 paper, went to the counter when they called my name and picked it up 2 3 weeks later.
Richthecat 7 | 64
11 Jun 2018 #3
To register you need to have proof of ownership or permission of the owner of the property. If its yours go to your urzad miasta with you act notrialna (spelling maybe wrong) This is the document you recieved upon purcasing the property. If it is not yours it can be more complicated you have to get the owner of the property to give you permission to register there. This can be easy i.e a letter but some urzad's will expect the owner to turn up with you with their documentation. Give me more details about your situation and I will see if I can offer more advice.

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