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Do I have to register a company in Poland? (paid online networking community + books + coaching)

9 May 2012 #1

I'm a foreigner living in Krakow, and have residence permit until 2016.

I'm writing a blog now, and am in the process of making a paid membership social networking community.

I've heard that once you register a company, you have to pay health and social fees.

Can I start charging for access to my blog, like have people pay for access to my blog via Kindle? As a private person, not registered as a company?

And do I have to register as a company before I start charging membership fees for my social networking community website?

Not sure how to do this.. and I do not want to register the company before I really have to..


I will make my blog available via Amazon (Kindle etc.) and charge for this (will also make available a book at a later date)
I will charge membership fees for my social community website
I will have files (articles, books, videos and mp3s) available on my website for download, and charge for this
I will coach people, and charge for this

I will also have one of my friends from the US to contribute at some point, so I guess I'll have to pay him.

Anyone who knows anything about this? And the costs of setting up and running a company?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!! :))))))))))))))))
9 May 2012 #2

Setting up a company is a very good idea as it make everything genuine, specially when you will carry out financial transactions. We are company formation firm and help start up businesses to help an identity in Poland. Company formation in Poland usually takes up to 3 months, this is why we offer Readymade/Off-the-shelf companies in Poland. These companies are fully registered in Poland, clean and without any trading history. We can get these companies transferred in your name within 24 hours.

Our readymade companies include Polish VAT, EU VAT and bank account as a standard.

In order to get further details, please visit us at instantcompanypoland dot com


Adam Smith
Robert Gerrard
14 Sep 2012 #3
We have made two investments in Poland from the UK. We had a nightmare setting up a company using a law firm first time round. They couldn't give clear information, cost the earth and after several months and still not having a company registered we eventually gave up. We thought we were buying a shelf company.

We were recommended by the Embassy to try Blackstones which is run by a couple of British solicitors who have been doing it in Poland for 20 years. Very efficient, fast, clear instructions, we went to Poland only once and fixed cost. They also do our accounting and payroll, registered office etc. We shopped around and spoke to some other ones for our second company but we were never sure if the price was fixed and didn't get a good feel, so we went back to Blackstones.

Bob Gerrard
14 Sep 2012 #4
What's the odds on Bob working at Blackstones?

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