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Questions regarding providing a paper proving place of stay in Poland for work permit process

bug080 2 | 12
1 Feb 2015 #1
I've been asked to submit paper mentioning that I have a place to stay in Poland (as a part of my work permit process). My boyfriend's family wants to provide me such paper specifying that I am allowed to stay at their place/apartment. Has anybody made such paper before? How exactly should it look like? What are the details to be mentioned? I just moved out of my student dorm here, so I can't make paper from there. Couldn't call the infoline because of weekend. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.
Respect - | 18
1 Feb 2015 #2
ok lover girl, your bf's family should assist you to the meldunek office where they live, with their I'd and apartment documents to proof rightful occupant and then they will register you in. With the print out paper , you will give to the foreigners office.

Good luck!
1 Feb 2015 #3
I've organized that bit of paper for my girlfriend in the past: it's very quick and easy.

You need to be aware you're creating a potential tax liability for whoever owns the property.
Looker - | 1,126
1 Feb 2015 #4
You need to register your stay in the City Hall.

Prepare the following documents:
- completed and signed application form for temporary stay lasting more than 3 months,
- for inspection a document confirming the legal title to the premises,
- your visa (or eg. a travel document if visa is not necessary)

Here is the example, how this form looks like:
rola - | 5
11 Feb 2016 #5

I need your help regarding work permit documents.

what documents should the company ask me to provide to apply for the work permit.

so they can apply for it with my only NIP number ? or they should ask about sth else.

Thanks a lot

Any help ?
InPolska 11 | 1,821
12 Feb 2016 #6
@Rola: don't you think the only ones to tell you are your company???? Why don't you ask your boss?
rola - | 5
12 Feb 2016 #7
Nice reply ! for sure i asked them but they answered with no needed documents but for my first employer my passport was required, so i asked here if it's possible that they can apply only with my NIP number !! ;) clear now?????
InPolska 11 | 1,821
12 Feb 2016 #8
So listen to your boss instead of seeking "help" from random "clowns" in random site! Be informed that most people in PF don't even live in Poland and the very few who do are not necessarily aware of current (= my case) Polish legislation and of your company's and your case ;)

Good luck and listen to your boss!
rola - | 5
12 Feb 2016 #9
first thing .. thank you for your advice .
second its not true .. i am asking here as for sure there are some people had the same experience and those who exactly i need their help .. and for your info no boss is applying for documents .. it's employee in hr team and he's just human who can be right or wrong;). thanks again
InPolska 11 | 1,821
12 Feb 2016 #10
@Rola: to conclude, if you talk about WORK permit, your potential employer is to apply for it, NOT you. Are you talking about WORK permit or RESIDENCE permit?
rola - | 5
12 Feb 2016 #11
Work permit, i know that the employer should apply for it... but i am now in a situation that i need to be sure that they already applied for it, "they are not clear about that" and they didn't ask for any documents from me, and as i explained before i know that passport is needed to be attached to the application "was the case with my first employer" but they didn't ask for it... so my question can the employer apply for the work permit only with only my nip number ?? Thanks
InPolska 11 | 1,821
12 Feb 2016 #12
@Rola: yes, it is weird since of course authorities always demand ID papers. Your boss most probably has copies of your passport but administration always wants original docs (normal). As to NIP number, be aware that it is a number for tax authorities only, other administrations deal with PESEL number (based upon date of birth).

Just ask your boss how he did apply for work permit without your passport!

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